Pyrex 18-Piece Storage Set Color Lids

**Item: **Pyrex 18-Piece Storage Set Color Lids
Price: $19.99
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Pyrex is wonderful: inert (no dangerous chemicals when you heat in it), durable, you can microwave and freeze in it, it washes out quickly by hand or can go in the dishwasher . . . It is an ideal gift for newlyweds, new parents who want a healthier option to plastic, or even yourself!!!

I have a few of these sets - I did buy them from woot. We got these to get away from storing everything in plastic. It’s working so far.

Here’s the skinny:
They are great! You can stack the 1 cup in the 2 cup in the 4 cup in the 7 cup - and then stack the loaded 7 cup bowls.
What do you do with the extra 2 cup bowl you ask? We have never had that problem, these are always in use.

I will warn that you should allow any food to cool down before putting the lid on it - when the food cools, a vacuum effect is created and the lid will warp slightly! Which makes future seals less reliable.

Buy them. Also - the color coded lids are pretty great.

Did someone say Pyrex???I LOVE my Pyrex. I have this set. To say that I use them everyday is no joke. I use them for lunches and dinners. I cannot say enough good things about them.

Did I mention how well they stack?? Here are two pictures of my set

I doubt anyone here will post much negative about pyrex, its quality stuff. I have a cabinet full of these. They are worth this price easy.

As another said, only thing to really watch out for on these is keeping from getting extremely hot so they don’t warp.

Yeah, Pyrex is great! I have one cupboard with ONLY Pyrex in it. Mine was also from Woot, and everything was packed well for shipping.

I bought these from WOOT in the past. I like them but the lids will warp in the microwave.

yes, this is the same set and yes they do not have a lip.

Same here - his set is the same one I got from woot, which is the same set offered here. There is zero lip.

Good…I get more than enough lip around here…certainly don’t need my dishes chiming in with their 2 cents…

nice… I can finally throw out my old plastic containers. in for twooooo.

I bought this basic set from the mothership a few years ago. No complaints.

It’s nice being able to heat up tomato sauce in these things without getting that bubble effect that happens with plastic.

I just wish someone hadn’t stolen my larger pyrex container out of the fridge at work.

Also, cannot wash lids in dishwasher - even without “heated dry” option.

I got a different package of these on a previous Wooting, and well they’re fantastic mine do nest nicely like some shown in this thread, and a couple have small chips on the rims that I don’t know where they came from. However I have not had a problem with the lids, either in the microwave or the dishwasher, as some have reported.

All told, I love them and would buy more if I needed them without hesitation. Beats the hell out of plastic.

How is this an 18 piece set?

"18-Piece Set includes:

3 - 2 Cup Round Storage Containers with Lids
2 - 7 Cup Round Storage Containers with Lids
2 - 4 Cup Round Storage Containers with Lids
2 - 1 Cup Round Storage Containers with Lids"

3 + 2 + 2 +2 That is 9. I’m confused.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that since you came up with exactly half the number you should, they are not counting the lids when they say “2 Cup Round Storage Containers with Lids”.

There is no such a thing as too many Pyrex in a household. The more I get, the more is being used. I always disliked plastic containers, as soon as we got married, I bin all plastic and started my Pyrex mission! No regrets.

Lid counts as 1 piece