Pyrex 18-Piece Storage Set

I bought 2 a couple of weeks ago. I wish there were more of the mid size bowls otherwise they appear to be a good value. I was confused when they arrived. The box tape was Amazon, label Woot. Hmmm.

I bought these a few weeks ago as well and couldn’t be happier. They travel really well and I use them everyday for work. I will definitely be buying this set again tonight!

It was probably shipped from an FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) warehouse. When using FBA, we instruct our vendor to deliver the product to one or more fulfillment centers from which the product will then be shipped.

Woot! IS Amazon. (Well, since Matt sold out.)


And, yes. These will nest. (Well, mostly.)

The 7, 4, 2 and 1 cup bowls will nest, with the lids on. That extra one will be all alone. (Put a piece of paper between the bottoms, when nesting. Will prevent scratching.)


And Soylent Green is people!

I finally nabbed this set a few weeks back and I’m happy with it. A few things to note:

  1. You will wish there were more 2 & 4 cup bowls. Immediately. So order more than one set.
  2. These don’t nest - but, if you put the lids on (smallest first) you can stack a full range of sizes, 1 each, inside of itself. (Does that make sense?) The 1 cup into the 2 cup, into the 4 cup, and so on. They will fit nicely, and then the entire ‘nested’ set will stack nicely with the other one, plus an extra 2 cup.
    3)Don’t worry about the extra 2 cup! It will not be lonely, you’ll be using it, trust me.
    4)If you are looking for a matched color lid set, this ain’t it. The lids are as pictured! Color coordinated to their size, which is coming in dang handy.
  3. What are you still reading this for? Buy 3. Toss your tupperware. Or ‘loan’ your tupperware out to your friends and don’t ever ask for it back. At least then we aren’t tossing useful containers, I guess.

Yes, these are (well, tempered soda-lime) glass. Not boro-silicate, old-style Pyrex glass, but glass neverless.

Yes, they may blow up. (VERY rarely!) but they resist common kitchen mistakes better than boro-silicate does.

Do NOT put a hot dish on a wet counter, or dish-towel! Period!

Yes, I’m getting a(nother) set.


Soylent Green WAS people. When Chuck Heston was still with us. (Well, thanks to Soylent Green, he may STILL be with us. Or, us.) :smiley:




She always was a quiet one…

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I’m SO glad Hope wasn’t just a figment of my imagination and potential dyslexia. :slight_smile:

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Does Ben also Fold Five?

I have two sets of these storage dishes and LOVE them. Have a small kitchen so storage was at a premium. One cabinet had two shelves totally filled with Tupperware which is so unruly to store. I also wanted to rid my kitchen of plastic containers to avoid the chemicals. Two sets store on ONE SHELVE of my small cabinet. I also freeze leftovers in them for short periods of time. Everyone should have these in their kitchen. I gave two sets to my daughter in law too. By the way…I always research before I buy so know this is the best price around even with $5 shipping.

I also bought these a few weeks ago, the price is great and it was just the set I was looking for. It doesn’t come with pie plates and baking dishes like most sets I have seen on woot previously (which were great deals too, but I just needed storage!), but then woot there it was! just the storage i needed! Wish I had room and money for more. Would also love to see a similar rectangular set:) But this was a great starter for replacing plastic containers. I recommend them and if you have the pennies buy more then one set…this would make an awesome gift)!

I agree!! Got this the last time it was on Woot and the package was good and nothing broken. Love Pyrex products!! Better than plastic!!!

These are a little on the heavy side, I don’t see myself really bringing these to work. We also haven’t tried the lids yet to see how much I would trust something with liquid (like leftover pasta and sauce) if the dish was on its side, as it would have to be in my bag. Having said that, buy at least one set of these, you won’t regret it. For that leftover sauce at home, no more melted and stained plastic from nuking.

Forgot to say also just got them in the last Woot offering and no problems with anything broken or anything like that at all. Shipped quicker than most woots, too. (Probably because of the Amazon fulfillment mentioned above.)

I got 3 of these last time. They are a nice set! One for My family, one for my mother-in-law and a 3rd for a gift in the future (like a house warming gift). Highly recommend. A feature that you can’t see is that the lids tell you the volume of the bowls they belong to, which I think is neat.

I have had a set of these for years. Time for a new set?! I use the larger size to serve/store pasta, perfect size to fit one pound prepared. I love the colorful lids! Can’t get enough color in my life.