Pyrex 32-Pc Glass Simply Store Set

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Pyrex 32-Pc Glass Simply Store Set
Price: $54.99
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Bought this set a good while back and like it a lot. It replaced an aging set. Use it regular and the lids have not warped yet, nor stained.

I didn’t buy a woot deal here because I already have so many of these but as tempted. Just wanted you to know I have all the sizes…at least 4 or more of each and I purchased extra small ones because they are GREAT for everything. I’ve had mine for years…put them in the dishwasher…top rack…no problems. Had two lids crack after 4 years. Amazon sells genuine replacement lids cheap. These glass dishes are FANTASTIC!!! No more plastic storage containers for me ever, ever, ever.

Whoa!!! This set is currently $122.99 over on Amazon so that makes this a pretty decent deal.

Wally World has a different assortment of 20 containers and lids that replaces some of the larger round bowls with rectangular ones for $43.76 - but the picture doesn’t match the description, and there is a question if the lids are counted as individual pieces or not. If the description is correct then this would be the better deal, but be sure to read the reviews first to see what some have to say about the description versus the picture issue.

In my experience, the lids are ALWAYS counted in the pieces with this type of thing.

Thanks! Bought the set at WallyWorld. Wife will be happy!

Technically the wallmart image matches because what you are purchasing is a ‘bundle’ of two 20-pc sets.

There are too many question marks concerning the deal at Wally World. Just by reading the reviews it is clear that the product description does not match the picture. Several people complain that the rectangular containers listed are not included (one even claims all he got was rectangular containers, but that is an outlier).

There is also a question about the “bundle” as it is marked. Whenever anyone in the reviews mentions a count of the items received it always matched the common practice where the lids were counted as a separate piece (10 bowls + 10 lids = 20 piece set). Frankly, if you were to get TWO 20-piece sets at their price as described that would be a screaming deal - but frankly I wouldn’t expect it. I think that perhaps the “Bundle” claim is a mistake.

Regardless, I bought the set from Woot because unless there is a major screw-up then I’m positive I know what I’m getting - and I don’t want to have to go back and argue with Wally World just to have them claim it was an error on the website and I’m right back where I started from.

Plus I like the assortment of sizes here better.

Got this last time and I was one of several people who received a box full of broken glass. Woot did refund my money but it took a few messages for them to be convinced, at first they were asking me to return the box full of broken glass, at my expense

I have dozens of these, they’re great containers. However, I always buy them from WM in person because of the breakage problem. Even then, at least half of the ones I look at in WM are cracked–even just hairline cracks within the glass (not all the way through), and sometimes small chips. This is the main reason I’ve been holding off on this (good) deal…

I buy this set every other year or so. They last forever but I always find more uses for them and pieces get lost. The replacement lids, when rarely needed, are easy to find and cheap to buy. They’re all standard Pyrex sizes.

I can’t suggest this set enough!

I would like to add that I’ve purchased a few of these sets and have never gotten one with broken pieces in it.

Stay clear of these bad boys. Plastic lids crack and rims chip. Totally baffled where these high ratings come from. Pyrex employees?