Pyrex 32-Pc Glass Simply Store Set

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Pyrex 32-Pc Glass Simply Store Set
Price: $36.99
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Condition: New


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Got these several Woots back and donated them pretty quick. Lids were not that great and the sizes were not (for me) useful. Plus my wife got worried about breakage from dropping or some other thermal event. We haves mall animals and tiny glass shards is a very serious clean-up. I use my Sistema plastic (New Zealand - bought on Woot) a lot more.

Picked up a set of these a while back and still love using them today. They’re very solid (almost 1/4" thick) glass bowls, safe to go from freezer to oven (bowls, not the lids). They stack nicely, and the lids also nest in place. The large bowl is suitable for mixing, the small one is good for dipping sauces and small items.

I’ve never worried about breaking them, and have never had one break in spite of having dropped them a few times. I will note I have wood floors. If you have tile, slate, or concrete flooring in your kitchen, these may not be for you?

Usually you’d get 2 sets for about this price in a retail store. Getting 4 sets for the same price is really a pretty good deal.

Well, maybe.

We like ours, too, but they’re not your mother’s Pyrex. Ours are starting to show rim chips after a year, and the lids need to be replaced periodically as they’re not as robust as they once were.

Got these a couple months ago. One large bowl arrived shattered, but the rest are doing great. The lids should not be microwaved as they will warp badly.

I have a few left from an older set with blue lids. Probably ten years old or so and much better quality - glass and lids.