Pyrex 9-Piece Advantage Storage Set



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Pyrex 9-Piece Advantage Storage Set
$19.99 + $5 Standard OR $14 Two-Day OR $17 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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LOL they’re counting lids as pieces. Ahh creative marketing (lying).


Companies have been doing this as far as I can remember, and woot passes it along. No surprise.

Oh, and Pryex posts are recylable:


I have this set without the round dish. Great, sturdy stuff, and cleans real easy. The lids secure on real well and they’re rigid plastic


Have you never bought containers before? I’d also like to point out they’re counting correctly. I’m just saying.


Product website: $49.99


Every company everywhere counts lids as pieces.


considering this…attractive price…but is this Pyrex the “old” Pryex “formula”…or the new Pyrex “formula”…and what are the comparative characeristics?


Here we go again. Before the urban legends start flying back and forth, read this:


I like that these have handles for grasping, but don’t like the Tupperware-style covers. They’re harder to open than Lock&Lock style lids, and are more prone to breakage from bending.


In 1998, Corning Glass sold their Pyrex division to World Kitchens in the US, and Newell Cookware in Europe. Newell continued using borosilicate glass while World Kitchen switched to cheaper soda-lime glass. You can detect soda-lime glass by its green-blue tinged edges. Borosilicate is completely colorless.

After many complaints of cracking from temperature changes, Consumer Reports determined that the original borosilicate formula was indeed more resistant to temeperature changes, i.e. from the oven to the cool counter. The American glass has exploded from such abrupt changes causing injuries. World Kitchen, however, claims that soda-lime is not only cheaper, but also more resistant to breakage when dropped.

Assuming that this is American Pyrex, it would be soda-lime.

Note the soda-lime greenish tinge in the left Pyrex cup made by World Kitchen in the US. The right cup uses Corning’s original borosilicate.


Lids and containers are always counted separately in storageware and cookware. And it’s not a marketing gimmick. The reason is that not every container is paired with a lid, and some lids serve double duty. For example, my cookware set includes one lid that fits over both a pan and a Dutch oven. So it makes sense to count the containers and lids separately. After all, it says “9-PIECE” set, and not “9 containers” set. So it’s accurate and not deceptive because you are indeed getting 9 items.


sdc, I"ve got the links above if you/others need clarification. I’m not sure the soda lime was more resistant, but maybe I misread the article. Gotta go.


What urban legend? American Pyrex did indeed change formula after being acquired by World Kitchens. And many people, including Consumer Reports, say that it got worse. The new American soda-lime formula is less resistant to temperature changes so Pyrex containers often shattered going from a hot oven to a cool counter. Good Morning American aired some very dramatic footage of this happening, and the government even got into the act. European Pyrex still uses the same borosilica formula originally used by COrning Glass. Please see this post for more info.


Thanks for that very informative post! And yes, your post did verify what I wrote – that Consumer reports found that American soda-lime Pyrex is more resistant to breakage from being dropped (aka impact).

From your post:


The REAL question is Why is this here and not over at Home Woot… I come her to look for electronics/gadgets not cookware!


I didn’t even read my own post closely enough, thanks–I decided to look in one more time. I’m just busy as usual, but appreciate you, CowboyDann, etc. Have to go back to work in a while, but it felt good to contribute like I did before. I can look in and peek occasionally, but to have the time to post is less frequent than I would like. Have a good weekend, y’all.


Can replacement lids be purchased individually? Whenever my mother-in-law visits, she apparently opens up a wormhole to a parallel universe of storage containers, because we always wind up with a dozen missing lids and an equal number of mysterious new containers.


To repeat what Miss TT has said occasionally the last few weeks, they’ll post their best deal on regular woot, regardless of type of product (and it isn’t the first time they’ve posted home stuff here).