Pyrex Easy Grab 11-Piece Bake 'N Store



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Pyrex Easy Grab 11-Piece Bake 'N Store
$19.99 + $5 Standard OR $12 Two-Day OR $15 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Buy it Made in the USA.


Anyone know the sizing of the 3qt oblong dish?


Cant say enough good things about Pyrex. Great quality and durable. I use them every day for my lunch and to keep leftovers. I hand wash them as soon as I am done with them. Very easy clean up.




9 x 13 in

22.5 x 33 cm

3 Qt = 2.8 L


I bought these a few months back. They’re great! One caution – the lids should not be kept on in the microwave. And the lids are only safe on the top shelf of the dishwasher. But they seal superbly!


What is it about this set that makes it cost the same as the 18-piece one?


Overall dimensions: 2.5’’ H x 9.81’’ W x 16.56’’ D



Completely different set and style. It’s an apples to oranges comparison.


Size, these are much larger. 4 cups = 1qt.


Bought a similar set from woot not too long ago.

Just want to let you know, this is NOT borosilicate glass pyrex. If you didn’t know, someone bought the pyrex logo and has used it to make soda lime glass ‘pyrex’. There’s a chance it’ll shatter in the oven, just like mine did the very first time I used one of the baking dishes :confused:

Buyer beware.


if by not too long ago you mean 60 years. every time I see pyrex somewhere I just know this article will be relevant. I always hope it isn’t, but those hopes are always dashed.


I love my pyrex sets I have purchased from woot !
Trying to get away from plastic for health and for the environment.

Happiness is a pyrex bowl filled with homemade soup in the freezer waiting for me. ( or is it a chocolate cake in the 9x13 pan ? with a nice lid to keep it fresh? )


Lost my last set in the divorce. Happy to have the glass pyrex back at a great price. Very nice!


The 60 year old stuff is safer. These things shatter daily and reports constantly roll in. One of mine detonated in my hands, throwing shards 8’ away.


what is a oblong ?

can i cook and eat them ?


this is true. i miss the old time Pyrex brand cookware. it lasted forever.


they do not mean 60 years ago. they mean less than 20 years ago.

try again ?