Pyrex Easy Grab 19-Piece Bake Set

On a related note, does anyone know where one can find reasonably-price borosilicate cookware? Modern Pyrex is not suitable for cooking because of the temperature shock instability, but sometimes glass is the right thing to cook in.


The retail price for today’s Woot sale (Pyrex Easy Grab 19-Piece Bake Set) has been lowered from $39.99 to $36.99.

If you purchased an order earlier this morning at the original price, you should receive an email from Woot Member Services soon with this correction, as well as a refund of the difference.

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Google has all kinds of information.

do not buy… last time this was on woot everything was broken the box they come in has a little paper between them… it will not survive the ride to your house.

I strongly disagree with this post. I had a problem with a broken item this week and it was taken care of immediately by the great Woot customer/support team. Notified them on the 4th of Dec. and had a refund to my cc on the 7th.

Aw, shucks! I was just about to buy when I read the broken in transit comments - I don’t have time to deal with returning stuff. Can anyone speak to whether the packaging has been improved?

I bought a Pyrex storage set last year. One of the bowls was chipped. I contacted Woot customer service and they sent a new bowl. Easy as that. We’ve used the storage set to cook and store and my hubby takes it to work. No chips and certainly nothing has broken. We have a couple rubber maid bowls that are the same size and I like the Pyrex lids much better. The rubber maid needs a rubber band to keep it on when in the lunch box.

charlottelouise1911 wrote:Woot has absolutely horrid customer service. They open case files and then you never hear from them again… Do not buy from them!!!

I strongly disagree as well. I’ve never had a problem with Woot customer service and I’ve had to return an item more than once. Not sure why you had an issue, but I am pretty sure that Woot will correct it for you if you follow the proper channels.

I bought 3 of these last year. One I gave to my mom, one to my sister, and one to myself for Christmas. We all love them a lot. I use mine all the time.

I have no comments on the Pyrex shipping but I will say that Woot has the BEST customer service.
If you had a problem, I’m sure it was just an oversight.

I’ve bought from them for years and have nothing but great praise for their customer service!! :slight_smile:

I bought this and other Pyrex arriving in PRISTINE condition always.

woot customer service rules … as of today :wink:

Pyrex, not what it used to be…
Make sure it is “Borosilicate glass”. Corning sold the Pyrex brand to World Kitchen in 1998 and they started marketing Pyrex as pre-stressed soda-lime glass.

This from Popular Science:
“Pyrex, which originally was always borosilicate glass, solved this problem by adding boron to the silica (quartz), the main ingredient in all glass. Boron changes the atomic structure of glass so it stays roughly the same size regardless of its temperature. Little thermal expansion means little stress. Thus borosilicate glass withstands heat not because it’s stronger, but because it doesn’t need to be stronger.”

“When World Kitchen took over the Pyrex brand, it started making more products out of pre-stressed soda-lime glass instead of borosilicate. With pre-stressed, or tempered, glass, the surface is under compression from forces inside the glass. It is stronger than borosilicate glass, but when it’s heated, it still expands as much as ordinary glass does. It doesn’t shatter immediately, because the expansion first acts only to release some of the built-in stress. But only up to a point.”

bake sets are cool

If anyone you know is cooking in Pyrex at a temperature high enough to make it shatter, heretofore kindly refuse any future invitations to dinner at his/her home.

Labeling a package fragile does nothing to alter the handling it receives from UPS in most cases. I believe this is similar to other shipping services. As a former UPS worker who loaded their trailers I assure you the only labels on the thousands of packages per hour that meant anything to us was the address label. Even an exceptionally conscientious employee would do nothing more than attempt to load the package in a spot where it is only slightly less likely to be damaged. The option simply isn’t there for ground service. Air service you’re dealing with a much smaller volume of packages, so it will be loaded and unloaded fewer times. It still won’t get special handling because it is labeled fragile.

If a package is fragile the shipper needs to pack it more securely. Relying on a sometimes hand scrawled label to protect a fragile package is approximately as effective as praying for its safe arrival.

Thrift Stores. I buy old pyrex all the time, from pie plates to oblong casserole dishes. I haven’t paid more than $6 for anything. People are throwing the old stuff out and buying new, they have no idea the new stuff isn’t as good. Of you can find Fire King, buy it. Check out Ebay and see what people are selling that stuff for, it’s insane. Visit a thrift store in a small town for the best deals.

I count only 18!

It looks like 1 oblong isnt clearly shown …

No thanks dont feel like having to clean up after it explodes in my oven.

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