Pyrex Prep, Store & Bake 28pc Set



I’ll sing praises to Pyrex all day. They’re microwave save, very difficult to break for the run of the mill user, and awesome for heating things up in because they cool so quickly.
Downsides are they don’t stack all that well and the lids are heat sensitive.


Pyrex is pretty great as a food storage material - it won’t pick up scents or get stained red by tomato stuff like plastic/tupperware will. And of course you can microwave it and stuff. I own these measuring cups and they’re pretty great too.


A 17-piece set is going for $65 on Amazon so this seems like a good deal.


Shooooot!! Of course I’m super broke now. I’ve been wanting one of these for ages. Too bad my job doesn’t start until next week. :frowning:


check out what others had to say about this set when it was offered earlier this month

as for me, I love, love, love Pyrex and would love this set if it only nested well. My kitchen is tiny and I do not think this set would fit, but for those that have the space, buy it! You will not be disappointed.


Avoid these. I bought a set a little while ago but they don’t stack for shit. So unless you’ve got lots of space I suggest you find something else.


I don’t have this exact set, but I have most of these same pieces from other purchases. It is generally good stuff. The 1 and 2 cup round pieces are great for storing and heating leftovers. As noted earlier some of the pieces don’t stack well so you need a little extra space over having more uniform shaped pieces. The lids on the oblong dishes are hard to get on and keep on. Otherwise it is as good as you would expect Pyrex to be.


I’ve had the blue-top set of storage ware (not the cookware) for a few years. It’s great in a lot of ways, most of which were already mentioned here.

But no one ever mentions the thing that really cheeses me off: the lids aren’t fully air tight.

I’ve never tried to take one in my backpack, so I can’t say for sure that they’d leak. (I assume they would, which is why I don’t.) But if I put soup in one, and pop it in the fridge, it turns into a thick sludge in two days. The water just evaporates right out.

So, I give them a “good”, but not a “great”.


Have a similar set. They don’t stack and get cumbersome in a small kitchen but they are awesome for baking and storing in the same container. Great for macaroni and cheese and other casseroles. They don’t chip like a lot of other cheaper glass bake-ware tends to.


$64.99 now
Previous wootoff unknown price:

Previous woot: also $64.99

Rather than link to the long discusssions on pyrex and glassware (borosilicate of the old stuff vs. soda lime glass of the new stuff ) which I’ve been a part of, I’ll summarize:

  1. If you drop the borosilicate, it shatters into many pieces potentially.
  2. If you break the soda lima glass, it potentially breaks into fewer pieces.
  3. If you put the old borosilicate down on a surface (particularly after baking), it probably won’t break.
  4. If you put the new soda lime glass on anything but a cloth type potholder(?) (particularly after baking), you take the risk of it shattering from the sudden temperature change (the videos and reports are out there, like putting on a ceramic range top). I think the truth it somewhere in between. It’s not one in a million, but it’s not 1 in 2 either.
  5. Any shattering of glassware is at minimum scary and at worst harmful.
  6. Other companies due make borosilicate, like Pyrex Europe’s line, and Lock & Lock.
  7. There have been reports (not many) of the soda lime glass breaking “spontaneously”.
  8. I’m not against someone correcting me on the above, but I’ve posted a number of links in the past on this. If I didn’t have enough new and old pyrex and corningware ceramic/glassware, I wouldn’t be afraid of buying this, but I’d always make sure after baking that it doesn’t get set down on a cooler surface. Someone commented before to be cautious of uneven distribution of temperature, and said even in the oven, (s)he puts it on a cookie sheet.

Oh, heck, here’s one of my old comments

Broklynite said this in response
"Borosilicate can and should also be tempered. Tempering refers to baking the glass at a high enough heat (but below the softening point) that the stresses are taken out of the glass. This makes the glass much less likely to break under ay kind of strain.

That said, more than likely it is soda ash. Fine for everyday storage, not something which I’d bake with."

I’ve got to go to work. Hope this helps.


Got this set last time it was up. Could not be happier with the amount of glassware I received. They don’t stack well though, makes it tough for storage. But I still think it was a great purchase (even if pyrex isnt as strong as it once was).


I have found that they chip fairly easily if you do stack them and the lids crack and break after putting them in the dishwasher. Sigh.