Pyrex Prep, Store & Bake 28pc Set

Check out these comments from when this was sold back in May

I bought this earlier in the year, and I have a whole cupboard in my kitchen with only Pyrex. It’s AMAZING!

Not looking for a quality post, just recycling the usual pyrex debate topics so they don’t get debated to death ad nauseum.

Oh, $49.99 tonight like last time in May.

Excellent, awesome set! You know how at back to college time they have these “Insta-kitchen” sets at Wally World or Tar-jay? Well, this is a set that I would more than gladly give to someone setting up a kitchen on their own. Ditto for a shower gift.

Personally, I have enough Pyrex bakeware to last me for now but I’d be more tempted if this was a set of the storage containers. My wife and I are starting to move more to glass for storage in the fridge since it doesn’t stain, melt in the dishwasher or potentially leech chemicals (though the jury’s out on whether Rubbermaid containers really do that anyway.)

These sets always go on sale on Black Friday at lower prices than this. So if you don’t need it right away wait a few months.

I’m amused: when I search online for this to compare prices, all the results are for Woot! Is this an exclusive or something??

Yep, it’s an exclusive. You can probably compare by adding up the various components but you won’t beat this price.

(Knows challenge is issued.)

**Item: **Pyrex Prep, Store & Bake 28pc Set
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day
Condition: New

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Arrived at my door incredibly quickly! One dish appears to have had a handle crack and then it was fixed or something, but it’s still sturdy so I don’t care. Awesome deal!