Pyrex, Snapware & Kitchen Storage

I still have a couple of the old Pyrex dishes with glass lids and I really wish I could get more of them. Same with Corningware with the glass lids. I’m not certain that they even make any of them anymore so I’m probably down to searching for used on eBay.

What size is the Fresh Keep Blue Totes? Most times the pies/cakes slide around in cardboard box. If not very deep, may not be good for high lemon meringue.

This sounds like a great gift for my Mom for Christmas.

These dudes go by volume, that is a 6.5 Qt container.

Woot needs to have a sale on lids for all the storage containers bought here over the years where the lids have finally cracked and worn out.

sterilite 20 piece set is cheaper at target

Fuuuuuuuu I miss lock-n-locks, which these essentially are. Food always survived so much longer with these things, though the rubber in the lids does get worn over time, especially since we sometimes just stuck them in the dish washer. Handwashing certainly helps, or at least removing the rubber before you pop them in the machine. Also allows you to get anything that might have gotten caught under the rubber.

If I wasn’t saving money atm, I’d be all over these bad boys.

I actually ordered these last time. The cool thing is that the piece inside is removeable - pop it in if you have two fruit pies you want to transport, or pop it right out if you have a big fluffy cream pie. So unless you’re really piling on the cream, you should be good :slight_smile:

I purchased the pyrex bowls and bake wear with the red lids (although my lids were blue) previously through woot. They’re nice and heavy and work just as advertised. I don’t use the lids for the bowls, but I do use the lids on the baking dishes. The lids seem a little weird, as they lock in “inside” the ‘handles’ of the dish, rather than over the entire thing. They kind of ‘snap’ on, and seem relatively secure. They won’t give a water tight seal, though, so I wouldn’t recommend tipping the dish. The bowl lids look like they create a better seal, but I can’t attest to that.