Pyrex Storage Plus 18-Piece Set

11 bucks off the amazon price, good reviews!

9 pieces not 18 pieces.

Pyrex is the way to go… although after using one of the bowls ONCE, it decided to crack near the top for me (got it last week from woot). gotta call Pyrex for a replacement… I’m hoping this is just a defect, as Pyrex items are built to last.

Hey Woot, you sent me one that was all smashed to pieces. I’m not the only person. Why are you telling people you can’t ship replacements when you clearly have them?

That’s not what the box says. :tongue:

Did you try contacting Corning?

Sounds like Woot’s sending smashed pyrex…Only $10 more on Amazon for stuff you can return easily! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops… I think it’s actually $20 more, those ones up there might not be the storage PLUS here is the right one I think?

LOL the lids counting as a “piece” is pretty hilarious…

A lid counts as a piece

Me too. I just got it today…broken. I think that we should all complain to the better business bureau. But, I don’t know if Woot will care, their rating is already terrible. I wish I would have know that before I bought.

This will be great for storing the 12-piece set of eggs I bought over the weekend!

Thanks for pointing this out…it makes sense since I have Prime. No pressure to buy now. :slight_smile:

I bought one of these when last they were on sale here. They shipped perfectly fine, and we use them for freezer storage as well as cooking in the microwave and oven. Maybe I was lucky, but I think a more accurate guess would be your mailman may very well have the shakes. I hear they are really cracking down on the drinking while mailmanning.

Maybe so they can sell me a couple of sets that are hopefully not smashed to pieces.

This is a deal. In for one.

I got my shipment from Woot last week, and one of the large bowls had a big chip on the rim. I e-mailed Woot and got a prompt message saying the set will be replaced, no return necessary.

That’s a 13-piece set, unless you bought them without the box.

Just got mine the other day. All mine came in just fine, not cracks or chips. Great storage bowls.

Just got these a few days ago from previous wooting. They’re fantastic.

Yes, there was definitely a shipping problem with the last batch. I don’t work in customer service so I don’t know what you were told. But do feel free to email again to discuss.