Q-See Security Cameras

Does this qt5680 setup include the same ability to watch the camera feeds over the internet like some of the other packages? Also, what does the ip rating 66 mean?

QC5416 description says it has audio 2 rca inputs and 1 rca output. I tried to find information about this in the manuals on the q-see website, but I couldn’t find anything. What are those outputs and inputs used for and is there any manual I can read for this unit?

Yes, with all Q-See complete systems you are able to view the feed remotely via your mobile phone,laptop or computer.
IP 66 is the type of camera weatherproof rating - Total dust ingress protection,Protected against high pressure water jets from any direction

Q-See QCN8012B-R 3MP 1080p IP Bullet Camera with 100ft Night Vision.
This is a IP camera, Use as Stand Alone System. Does it mean it can work without Q-See NVR system ? How can I remote and watch the video directly from it. Also, how can I record the video with it ?

How do you provide power to these things? Most routers don’t provide POE and there are tons of different kinds of POE injectors.

These require the use of IE, via a browser plug-in. Other browsers can use that plug-in, but getting it to install properly is not easy. What’s more, it’s a horrible hack job. If they’d do it right, and just create a pure HTTPS interface to view the video files, they’d be much better. But instead there’s this clunky terrible middleman software you have to use. It’s buggy and it crashes with a little pushing.


Yes correct! This camera functions independently without a NVR. Therefore you are able to watch live feed via any of your devices or record footage onto your computer.