QFX Bluetooth Event

Does anyone have any idea the sound quality, functionality, and/or/etc?

(Specifically the 2.1CH set, but also in general)

I would also like to know. I’ve looked up their other product reviews on Amazon. QFX seems to be lacking in their quality…at least with their headphones.

I have been looking for a cheap soundbar. This looks like the same product under a different brand name. Reviews are mixed http://www.amazon.com/iSound-Theater-Premium-Bluetooth-Smarphones/dp/B007FETOK6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1370929383&sr=8-2&keywords=sound+bar+bluetooth

Actually after reading the Amazon reviews for what I think is the same product, but Branded differently. I am in for the soundbar

found this after searching their website.


I can’t find any reviews on the bluetooth headphones.

Anyone have any personal experience with them?

It would appear I’ve misplaced the instruction manual that came with the red bluetooth speaker I bought during this event.

Woot people - do you possibly have an electronic copy of the included documentation? QFX’s website doesn’t have anything.