QGeeM 8k HDMI Cable

QGeeM 8k HDMI Cable

Come on Woot…

Also, am i the only not seeing the woot-off via the app? I can only find the items via links in the forum


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It’s there for me. Try restarting the app?

Unfortunately, there are several legitimate use-cases for this much bandwidth AND the back-channel (bidirectional) capability…

Nope. Same issue.

I see it on the website, but not the app

Could you tr restarting the app pls

The app restart itself wasnt a solution, but a full phone restart worked. All good now

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Snagged one - woot!

I bought this QGeeM 8k HDMI cable during a Woot! Off. It was a GREAT deal. Not only was the price impossible to beat, but the quality is very good, as well. I have it hooked up to my PS5, on a short run to my TV. Picture Quality is good, and the build quality of the cable is good too!. Thanks.

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