Qnap 2-Bay Personal Cloud NAS

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Qnap 2-Bay Personal Cloud NAS
Price: $129.99
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Spec’s page on Woot says 8GB of RAM, should be listed as 1GB of RAM.

[MOD: Correct. It’s 1GB and we’ve updated the specs.]

I have one of these, running right now, and the QTS interface is so arcane and awful I LITERALLY cannot get ONE SECOND of use out of this box!!! No, seriously, if you want to map a drive to a network share, KEEP MOVING! This is NOT what you want! The awful horror essentially forces you into a picayune hell where you “submit” your data and this thing, sort of, offers it back to you. Of course all that “interface” means it will take you the rest of your life to load data into it – IT’S THAT SLOW!

If I really tried, I don’t think I could imagine a WORSE NAS than this thing!


Pretty sure that this thing doesn’t have 8GB of RAM, like the specs state. Even Qnap says it has 4GB, yet Newegg says 1GB which I find the most realistic.

I think I’ve asked this on another QNAP Woot before but what makes this model different from many other QNAP models? I have a few different QNAP NAS devices and on all of them mapping a drive to read\write files to the device is exactly how I use it.

For the plug and play enthuiest, the WD Mycloud is much better. I mean for a “NAS” to work as a networked device to allow access to movies and music, the WD box (I suggest nothing smaller then a 4tb and those can be had for 150 or less) which works great for that purpose. I had one set up (before I moved to a netgear NAS box) not only as a network media player but gave some “cloud” space to my one of my kids in college. She use to store school work, music, etc and get to it from her phone or pc.

I have two of the WD boxes. One from woot (referb) and it’s been working just fine (paid like 120 bucks). I have a media PC setup that does nothing but record OTA programming and records from my HDHomerun. Files are then scrubbed of commercials, converted to MP4 format and offloaded to the WDMycloud (so mapping works just fine). Now the programming is available for all my smart TV’s, roku’s and mobile devices outside the home. So for home media devices, the mycloud is a pretty cool and easy to use gadget to set up shares with who ever you want or whatever you want.

So basically you’re saying it’s NASty

This NAS is a personal cloud.
With lots of space it is endowed.
The comments are not so great,
so don’t buy 7 or 8.
There I’ve said it out loud.

So this is an empty box you need to buy drives for?


Correct. It’s 1GB and we’ve updated the specs.