Qnap 2-Bay Personal Cloud NAS

Bought when was $159. Great starter NAS. Was holding off due to cost but pulled trigger on this because of low cost compared to other systems. I wanted basic centralized permission controlled file storage. If it served up video that was bonus. It does serve up 1080 movies well thru Plex and also straight from file storage. It’s not strong enough for much transcoding but waz able to browse to files and play straight from share on TV. If you have been waiting due to cost, you can be in for a total system for around $350 a/ 2 4tb WD red NAS drives. Runs quiet and cool. I love mine and don’t know how I lived without it. Now all my files can be found in ONE place.

You might want to also consider a scheduled backup solution to this NAS, if you don’t already have one. True, the mirrored NAS drives provide the protection of a single hard drive loss, and easy rebuilding of the array.

But if any files on the NAS are overwritten by corrupted versions (or, worse, encrypted versions, as in the case of the recent spate of Locky-type ransomeware), they’re written to both of the mirrored hard drives, and may be extremely difficult or impossible to recover.

Thanks for the info, yes backups are part of my plan. I plan to purchase a USB backup drive. This NAS does have the one button backup to copy the entire contents to a backup USB drive. The rule is 2 is one, and one is none. I want 3 copies. I will leave it hooked up and run scheduled backups. Thus NAS is a great value.