Qnap 2-Bay Personal Cloud NAS

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Qnap 2-Bay Personal Cloud NAS
Price: $109.99
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Just got one from a Woot Plus listing, to replace a dead Iomega device, and like it so far, though I haven’t put it through its paces much yet. One slight disappointment is that this model doesn’t support the QNAP IFTTT Agent app.

My Google-fu is apparently weak on this.

I have a pair of mdadm mirrored disks running on OpenMediaVault on a raspberry pi 3.

Any guess whether it’s feasible to expect that these two disks, already part of a linux-based RAID set, if I put them in the QNAP, would be detected as an already-existing array and it’d just run with it?

2 drives only and up to 16tb? Looking at the product page
and looking at the HDD compatibly page Looks like it can hand a couple of 10tb drives but limited model though. Maybe some future firmware updates will fix that? No way to tell.For me, the deal breaker is it will only accept 10tb Surveillance drives but 8tb enterprise and NAS drives.

Do these come with the hard drives installed?

Qnap 2-Bay Personal Cloud NAS with DLNA, Mobile Apps & AirPlay Support TS-228-US - Diskless


That one’s easy. For this price? No.

And for $300+ (each), you can put a good performing 8tb drives in these. It will take a couple of 10’s but they are only 5400rpm and would be too slow for more then a couple of in-home viewers.

Don’t quote me on this, but I seem to be reading that this model is considerably more “entry level” than many, and that’s why it won’t even run the QNAP app for compatibility with the very handy IFTTT service… Considering the price, and the already somewhat anemic software, this may not be the best first choice for migrating a preexisting RAID array.

Great as an entry-level 2-bay NAS unit, but definitely potentially missing out on some features for power users, and some for migrating.

P.S. For those looking at the drive compatibility list, my experience with both Synology and QNAP would suggest that if one brand’s 10TB drives work, many others should work similarly well. I have rarely heard of issues relating to drive compatibility, except when people try to use “ECO” drives, like WD Greens, and they try to powersave, and it kills the whole thing. My old Synology is running HGST 8TB drives, when the only compatible 8TB models listed were originally Seagate Enterprise, or WD RE/SE.