Qnap 2-Bay Personal Cloud NAS

RAID 1 capable?

Looking at QNAP’s specs, they say yes.

The ad copy here lists several cloud services that this synchs with, saying it supports ones “like [this list],” implying there’s more than just that list, but it doesn’t specifically mention Mega.co.nz in that list. Is Mega.co.nz supported?

Lemme check

There is no MEGA specific app in the QNAP APP Store. But there are several APPs that will allow the NAS to sync with a cloud service. I am sure you can direct the app to your personal cloud storage address.

I have this NAS, and it is friggin awesome. It will stream media via various formats. (I use plex) It does come with a plethora of bloat ware, so take the time to figure out what services you want to run off the NAS and remove the rest.

So I’d give it a 4.5 woots out of a possible 5.

Not such a good deal. Available for $109 at Frys.

“Not Available Online for Shipping”.