QNAP 4-Bay Diskless Workgroup NAS

I want to believe this is a killer deal and at first glance, it is. But Woot doesn’t offer killer deals anymore, so what’s the catch?

I am trying to figure out if it supports Plex.
I keep finding conflicting information.
If it doesn’t, that could be the gotcha…

Can someone confirm Plex compatibility?

Found this…not sure if it’s what you’re looking for or not?

Excellent reviews on the mother ship.


Now I will have to think about actually buying it.

[MOD: Different model. Here’s the one we’re selling.]

You can run Plex Media Server on this but it isn’t powerful enough to do any transcoding if you’re running Plex on devices other than computers. https://docs.google.com/a/plexapp.com/spreadsheets/d/1MfYoJkiwSqCXg8cm5-Ac4oOLPRtCkgUxU0jdj3tmMPc/

On the fence with this. I have an old Drobo that is dying. I mostly use it for backup and never even thought about networked storage. OTOH it would be nice to have, as I am getting a new rig soon and have accumulated a bevy of tablets, laptops, etc.

Also, does this come with some kind of moron-proof backup software?

Pull the trigger?

That is for the TS-431, this Woot! offering is the TS-431+. Only 2 reviews, neither is a Verified Purchase.

Here’s a link to the 431+ on Amazon.

The key differences seem to be:

  • Different brand and model processors - the TS-431+ has a 1.4GHz dual-core, the TS-431 has a 1.2GHz dual-core.
  • The TS-431+ has 1G RAM, the TS-431 as 512M.
  • The TS431 has one eSATA port, the TS-431+ does not support eSATA.
  • The TS-431+ uses 20% less power in both operating and sleep modes.
  • The TS-431+ claims nearly DOUBLE the transfer rates of the TS-431.
  • They both support 2 cameras without additional license purchases, but the TS-431+ can handle twice the max number - up to 16.
  • The TS-431+ can handle 600 maximum concurrent connections (CIFS); the TS-431 can handle 400.

Here is a link to a comparison of the two on the QNAP website.

Overall, looks like the TS-431+ that is being offered should be better than the TS-431.

Gotta check the drives I have lying around to see if they are listed as being compatible, but this sounds like a solid opportunity.

So glad this came back up, missed it the last two times I saw it. Usually sold out by this time of the morning! $400 on Amazon…looks like a steal.

Kodi is better. Plex lost favor after it went to charging for it’s use. There’s a 3rd party app for roku’s that’s a plex knockoff (don’t remember the name off top of my head) but I’ve switched all my media server(s) (1 netgear104 and a pc, not including my WD Mycloud - the MC is it’s own little beast and you just set it and forget it). Kodi is gaining in popularity and it does SOOOOO much more then Plex.

so the question is, does the 431+ support Kodi?

Ouch, that hurt.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen something sell for list price on Amazon. I want to believe they don’t temporarily mark items up when they’re listed on Woot, but that seems odd to me.

I had an 8 year old Freenas box that was dying and didn’t want to go thru the hassle of building another. This thing is amazingly simple and fast to get up and running. User interface is good, data transfer speed on gigabit lan is incredible, accessing while away from home is super simple on phones or laptops(no dns settings to mess with). I miss some things about freenas, but overall this does everything about as well and somethings better. I definitely recommend it.

I bought the QNAP TS431 (not +) back in April…watched prices for a while but never did see them budge much. This looks like a pretty good deal.


According to this, the baby version (the 431) is compatible, so I would wager this is as well.

But does it work with…oh, wait, yes it does!!!

I’ve been using a Netgear box for over 6 years. The specs on this box look very good and for the price, excellent!!! Heck, even I’m tempted by this deal.

Just in case someone missed it, Jonas4321 posted this link:

[MOD: Here’s the link if you don’t like tinyurls: https://www.qnap.com/i/useng/product/contrast.php?cp[]=171&cp[]=156. It’s comparing units.]

The QNAP App web site does NOT specifically list Plex as being compatible

Hope that helps