QNAP 4-Bay Diskless Workgroup NAS

Does it support VMWare or Hyper V?

Here is a review I found after a quick google search…

The drives I have are compatible, all reviews look solid, the price is definitely a winner.

FINALLY, a Woot! I feel like I am getting a great deal with. Been a while…

Yes, TT - that hurts to say as much as it does to read, but the overwhelming opinion out here in Woot!er-land is that true deals are very few and far between ever since the acquisition by Amazon. The truth often hurts.

Pulling the trigger on this one.

Follow this link and all will be revealled -

Holy cow, it looks solid!
Things it supports that haven’t been mentioned:

  • iSCSI - so VMware and everything else is OK!
  • SSD Caching (the only reason I was thinking about building my own) - didn’t find any benchmarks though
  • 100MB/s AES-Encryption engine (so encrypting the unit doesn’t kill your throughput)
  • Thin volumes and space reclaim to keep them that way

It even acts as its own security system, supporting 2 IP cameras for free (can purchase licenses for more)…

On the 670, the SSD caching is all that you hoped for:

Wow. Just friggin’ wow.

You should still be able to do pre-transcoding. I do it all the time with Mezzmo on my now aging and WAY overworked desktop. It takes up more storage space, but I’d assume plex has that capability.

Use http://camelcamelcamel.com and you can see exactly what’s been and will go on with pricing.

Sorry, but honestly, I’m sure even you would agree, if you were speaking 100% for yourself. Woot just isn’t what it once was. Everything used to be a deal and there were great deals to be had. Of course, we all bought things we didn’t need or turned out to be junk… But at least we knew we could come here for good deals.

But alas, the past is the past and we can’t live there :frowning:

I pulled the trigger also. Went for 2 (then the effing NYS sales tax hit me with a punch in the stomach… still bought them though.) I’m going to sync from one to the other for offsite backup.

TT, tell your bosses… Get more deals like this and they will reinvigorate the site with old blood that all too often is too quick to pull the trigger :wink:

Just remember, while this is a good deal (surprise, surprise,) this model is from Qnap consumer line, not their business line. So don’t expect too much. It’s a solid NAS with some additional supported and not-supported functionality… If you want all the bells and whistles above and beyond network storage, this may disappoint.

It did? I still use Plex and think it’s the best thing to happen to media since the invention of media.

Does it have clients for every device imaginable, sync metadata (including watched/unwatched and last-location-watched status) between them all? Does it support selective offline push of content to remote devices via subscription (as in, always keep the latest two unwatched episodes of The Walking Dead and shuffle in new episodes automatically as I watch older ones, a couple of movies, and a few other TV shows on my iPad so that my commute will not suck). Does it have an extensive range of third-party channels to fill in streaming media gaps? Does it have a great interface for selecting and streaming my large library of music (because that’s the one area where Plex really sucks).

If so, I’ll have to take a look :slight_smile:

I see compatible drives up to 6TB each – is that right?

Just making sure – not that I can swing 4 or 5 of those!

Does anyone have MacOS support experience with this product? Time Machine friendly?

In for one. I need to ingest a large wall of audio CD’s and tapes.

I’m unfamiliar with what NAS is, but I know that I need better automated backup routines as well as the ability to fileshare across a few computers in my home. If this is connected to an ethernet port on my router, that should do the trick, accessible by all wifi and other ethernet-wired devices, right?

Two more questions… 1) With this on, but my computers off, I could still access my backed-up files away from home, yes? 2) Therefore, if I got a second one of these and set it up similarly at a relative’s home, could I use this as a decent offsite backup solution?

Hmm I was going to buy the QNAP 451, which is much more expensive. Can anyone help me decide if I should get this instead? I plan to use it mostly as a file server, use encryption, and want it to have fast access.

Yes. It does iSCSI, so you can set it up so the hosts see it as any other block storage. Not that I would recommend that for any servers you care about.

EMBY might be even better for the QNAP as it’s supported too. I remember plex use to be free. They do charge for something, not sure what it is now but it was some streaming ability. So, I removed all plex apps off my rokus and pc’s. kodi does more and it works with all my hardware. Not that Plex is bad but they seem to have gotten people hooked and made some chages that didn’t make it worth paying for with all the other options out there.

Thanks! For some reason I wasn’t getting reply notifications, so I didn’t see this until now.

I may have to give Kodi a(nother) look. Honestly I remember trying out XBMC on my hacked first-gen Apple TV and gave up. It was absolutely beautiful, but seemed to lack the metadata support that Boxee had (the only other media alternative for the device at the time). Primarily, the ability to track which episodes (and movies) had been watched. Sounds like a lot has changed.

I like that Kodi transcodes at the client. That makes it ideal for running a media server off a NAS, which traditionally hasn’t nearly enough power to handle it. For me, I have a Mac Mini running as a server with a NAS storing all the media. The Mini has plenty of power to push content in real-time. Fortunately, a Mac Mini doesn’t use that much power, so leaving it on full-time isn’t an issue.

Plex used to charge for client software (I paid $5 for the client I use on my iPad and iPhone), but I believe that’s changed. The Android client I have was free, but requires a Plex Pass. My guess is the other clients have gone this route too (the Roku client has always been free though). A Plex Pass is also required for offline viewing and is something I use often enough that paying for it is well worth the $4-5/month I pay. It’s great when I travel, or if I commute by bus, to have a library of content stored locally on my iPad so I don’t have to stream over cellular data.