QNAP Diskless Personal Cloud NAS

Is it my imagination or are there no references as to how large the hard drives are that come with the devices? I can see one is 1-bay, and one is 2-bay, and the hard drives in the specs are 1or2 x 3.5" SATA 3Gb/s, but no drive capacity.

As noted in the title, these are Diskless. BYOD - Bring Your Own Drive. :slight_smile:

Even if they’re diskless, what’s the max disc size we’re talking about? Does this to RAID or is it JBOD? This isn’t exactly a cheap NAS, it’d be nice to know spec like how many discs.

Also, would this work for both Mac and Windows? I have both types of computers as well as Android tablet, Amazon Fire Stick, iPads, iPhones.

I have the TS version, the older model, and though being slow it works like a champ. It works with all devices either through the web interface or direct drive mapping. This thing is a beast, it’s been running since 2013 and only reboots when I update apps or firmware.

There’s quite a bit of information on the QNAP site including a list of compatible hard drives.