QNAP Personal Cloud NAS

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QNAP Personal Cloud NAS
Price: $159.99 - 179.99
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This unit usually ships with a wireless keyboard w/touchpad. I guess that’s part of the price reduction since this one doesn’t seem to offer it.
This is a pretty good video on it.

No remote with keyboard? No drives? No wifi? What is the drive limitation? What drives can be installed? Refurb? Both Android and Qnap at the same time? Can download anything in the google play store? Can replace iCloud? What is the speed?

For the TAS -268, does it support RAID? If so, what levels and is it hardware or software? JBOD?

From the manufacturer’s site:
RAID Management:
RAID 0, RAID 1, JBOD, Single disk

Drive compatibility

The BIG question is WHAT SIZE drives can it support. From the looks of the supported drives webpage (follow the beforementioned links), it will support just about any drive up to 8tb. So, put a couple of 8tb drives in this device and you landed a 16tb media server. I have a Netgear NAS104 with 4x4tb drives but this QNAP is half the size and has more features. The no WiFi can be handled with a AP or Bridge that supports a lan connection, or just use one of those power line adapters in the 600+ range for speed if you want to stream to other devices on your network our remotely. Keyboard? Mouse? Guess if you wanted to treat it like a PC, you need one of those devices, but why not access it with a laptop or PC? I have 2 WDMycloud’s (4tb each) and my Netgear box and never needed a stand alone mouse/keyboard for management. Guess it would be a decent option though.

While I can’t speak for this model specifically. I use quite a few of QNAP’s SMB line and some of their enterprise line, and have been very happy with them.

I have two units that have been running for well over 8 years at one client and the only problems I’ve ever had are a drive failure at about 4 years, and a memory failure at 7, both easily fixed.

On the few occasions I have needed SW support, QNAP has usually responded within 24H, and has on the whole been helpful.

Or a pair of 8TB drives mirrored for 8TB of capacity WITH redundancy, should one drive go out. Having 16TB of storage without redundancy is scary.

For the casual user that wants their data back if the drive fails, it’s in ext4 format which isn’t native to Windows. So either drivers have to be installed and depending on your computer OS you may have success. 3rd party software is available and is how I rescued my fathers data from a similar product from Seagate.

Another thing to consider is raid 1 is NOT billet proof. I’ve seen where the mirror “broke” and people had data on the mirror drive back to where the break happened but no new data.

If your data is important to you, make sure to take a copy to one of those external drives and place it offline. It allows you to have your data safe and away from potential ransomware.

I use a NAS as primary and backup to an external to be safe. Otherwise you are paying someone to recover that data.

I’ve dealt with NAS and server Raid failures. Recovery companies will say they deal with the consumer level NAS’s More than any other product.

Not everyone needs or wants to mirror media. Family photos, sure, but purchased digital content like movies, tv, and music should be easy enough to recover making space more valuable than redundancy to some. Personally I do mirror my media drive, but mainly because I would rather avoid the hassle of rebuilding my local library if a drive should fail. I also have cloud backup, and am in the market for another NAS to setup offsite (which will also be cloud backed up because SOS was foolish enough to give me a lifetime license for unlimited storage at a ridiculously low price) to back up my onsite NAS.

Can you tell I work in the IA (Information Assurance) field?

Here’s a couple of helpful links for those interested in this product.



Just called in QNAP. It does comes with wireless KB/Mouse. The biggest drive it support is 8TB according to their compatibility list.

Am I missing something here. Are there drives installed when delivered? There are a few indicators that there are 2X2TB drives in the TAS-268 … or is that a reduced capability? Also, the TAS’ come from factory with a small keyboard w ouch pad. Is that the case with these.
Are there any standard features/functionality that are stripped out for the WOOT flavors of these TAS’es.

Frankly, I’d personally invest a few hundred more and get one of the 4 or 5 bay QNAP/Synology NAS systems that provide more functionality and better redundancy.