QNAP TS-328 Personal Cloud NAS Storage System



QNAP TS-328 Personal Cloud NAS Storage System


Does this NAS need to have matched sets of drives? I have a bunch of large drives, but they’re different sizes… could I plug them in like you could with a DROBO (for example)?


Does this come diskless? ie. Would I need to purchase the drives separately?

Thank you


At this price it definitely does NOT come with disks. You will have to provide your own.


Will this one run Plex Media Server? I don’t really need transcoding power, my clients (Apple TV, FireTV, Roku) generally play the native content fine.


Yes, it does run Plex. I have not done so but it is available in the QNAP Apps list. I got this last time it was on sale. I like it so far and has been working well. Only con is that it takes a LONG time to boot/restart.


It will run Plex, but not transcode.
Based on reviews it appears that this model is relatively unreliable - which is why Amazon is dumping them out on Woot.


I bought this and filled it with 3 x 7200RPM drives. NOISY! VIBRATES! I’m sorry I bought it. I’ve tried to resolve the noise, but the issue is that the drives DO NOT screw into the drive caddies. Instead, these drive caddies are cheap plastic with rubberized pins that you slide into the plastic caddy and the drive just slips into the 4 pins loosely. When you get those 3 7200RPM drives in there spinning, they get loud! I can’t keep it in my office all day, I had to turn it off! I won’t keep it in my media room either, so it sits off while I try to get rid of it. You get what you pay for, and this is a low end device. From the Qnap perspective, I do like their software and OS, so I think ultimately, I will figure out what I will do with this thing, and eventually just get a better model.