Pay careful attention as woot in their usual fashion has the write-up all screwed up.

This is the 2G so-dimm model version , so ignore all the write-up and stats for the 4G model. You can’t just upgrade the ram and get more snapshots.

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I don’t think “Raid 5 with the minimum number of disks” is a feature worth bragging about, and it’s hard to take seriously hardware that doesn’t have its own internal power supply.

No internal power supply means the disks stay cooler, the box is smaller, and the power supply is easily replaceable if it thorks. Putting the PSU inside would mean a lot of wasted space, if it’s to be kept to the rectangular box shape if it’s a standard computer one, and if it’s proprietary, it’d be miserable to get a replacement after a short time (see also old Dell computers). With an external power supply, replacement is ‘plug in one with the same voltage’.

Most people buying this aren’t doing it for industrial purposes, they want something easy to use that will keep Grandma’s photos safe and easily accessable, It doesn’t appear to have any built in video streaming abilities, so it really is just storage.


Lets watch that language Bucko!

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