QNAP TS-453mini 4-Bay - Diskless

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QNAP TS-453mini 4-Bay - Diskless
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Love the small size but just wish it had a i5 or better.

QNAP NAS units use “QTS” which is a busy, grabby, PITA interface. You surrender your media and it serves it up to you the way the folks at QNAP want – probably not the way you want.

If you are looking for a RAID NAS that you map a drive letter to, this isn’t it.

I have the TAS-268, and after months, I’ve determined it’s functionally useless due to this clunky GUI.

Downloads/Support Links

`Been thinking about FreeNAS and thought this might be an alternative but (except in a Trumpian kind of way) it’s apparently not. Thanks for providing exactly the kind of info this channel was intended for.

Looks to be a celeron mini desktop that you can slap 4 drives in…Must have this RAID software slapped in there in ROM somewhere…Probably works OK with 8 GIG of memory and 4 drives…Which will set you back another $500 +…Not for the “use” and forget person…Some computer technology talent is probably required with this guy…

Is this different than other QNAP NAS systems? I have a couple and all of them you can use as mapped drives if you desire.

Here’s a vote for FreeNAS. I’ve been running it for about four years and I love it. I run Plex, OwnCloud, and SubSonic from it. Just don’t try to use the CrashPlan plugin!

Well it purports to have SMB, AFP, NFS, iSCSI (even SSD Caching!), RAID 1/5/6/10 + Hot Spare … so your first statement has the appearance of being not true, or perhaps in need of rephrasing?

Your second statement is maybe more what you’re trying to convey … there is some degree of knowledge and configuration required, and the interface is probably clunky which makes the configuration an irritating process.

i5 would be overkill in my opinion unless you were planning to use the media transcoding a bit. For me, it wouldn’t matter as I doubt it could encode/decode 1080p h/x265.

I sorta wish it went off the reservation a little like the Netgear ReadyNAS RAID boxes, where they have the ability to expand the volume whenever you put in a larger drive.

Because the way they are marketing this…Trying to give you like 5 uses for it…Hard to tell what processor is required…
an I3 should be good enough for a RAID application especially with 8 GIG of Memory if a good percentage of that is used as a Cache…

If this was a NAS only box…Have a primary SATA SSD interface for I/O caching like the new DROBO’S have…and you will probably eliminate any latency problems that another poster has referred to…

i got a 435a and i love this device. i use it for plex, running VMs, mapped drives, all my backups. i put some 6tb seagates in and it works great.

the next step is setting up a vpn, layer 3 switch using the 4 nics.

I’m actually going to buy this device too for my work because i’m starting to hate my drobo nas and the qnap is so much more robust and flexible.

You calling me diskless, bro? Come at me!

I’ve been using a TS-469 Pro for many years. It’s been a solid NAS. I would buy a QNAP again, no question.

In for one. It’s almost $200 off and has the same specs (minus two ethernet ports) as the TS-453 Pro (not to be confused with the TS-453A). Basically, this is currently the same price as the TS-451, but has a quad core processor and 2GB of RAM, whereas the TS-451 has a dual core and 1GB for the same price.

This is missing the 4K capability of the TS-453A, but that’s about it as far as I can tell.


QTS can be kind of annoying but their new version (4.3) is better, though still beta.

And in the end, you can definitely use it the way you want it. They have plenty of other apps you can install to it to get more (or different) functionality so you don’t have to use their built-in apps.

And it’s way simpler than FreeNAS, which can be daunting for first-time users.

My $0.02.

Does this come with the remote?

According to this QNAP video, it does.


No, this one doesn’t come with a remote, but it can be purchased separately.