QNAP TS-453mini 4-Bay

When installing two memory modules, please ensure tdat tdey are tde same size and ideally use tde same type of RAM for botd memory slots.

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Well, they can’t all be winners eh?

I’ve done my best to sweep up the spelling hiccups, but if you see others please point them out. For the night is dark and full of errors…

Compatible witd 4 x SATA 6Gb/s, 3Gb/s 3.5" & 2.5" HDDs & SSDs (witd high-speed interface for HDD slot 1 & 2)

I didn’t not see the RAID level and amount of HD’s that fail…

Basically a PC set up with a ROM that is running some kind of Raid software???

Pretty inexpensive but if something goes wrong…A real pain…

A DROBO is the “fire and forget” solution especially with an SSD HD as the front end buffer…

Five bays and 3 can go down…Plus great TS…Had to call them once in 3 years…Running 4 3TB Western Digital Reds…

Very computer literate…and with all the crap you have to deal with on a home network (32 devices to date)…Might as well have a backup that is one less headache…

Now if they could make a wireless printer that will hold its setup and IP information after a shutdown or power loss…

nuggy: I didn’t understand all of what you were saying but these don’t come with HDs so you can pick your own brand that you trust.

So what does it ship with? No Memory? or both a 2gb and 2x4gb mem sticks? Its a little confusing here since it only has 2 slots and 3 sticks listed.

DRAM TS-453mini-2G: 2GB DDR3L RAM (1 x 2GB)
TS-453mini-8G: 8GB DDR3L RAM (2 x 4GB)
Memory slots: 2
Memory expandable up to: 8GB

Product title says it:
QNAP TS-453mini 4-Bay, Intel 2.0GHz Quad Core CPU 2GB

As someone that’s computer literate, why did you select the Drobo, when the filesystem is proprietary - this makes it impossible to migrate a drive from another device to the Drobo, or to attempt data recovery on your own by moving the drive into a server? I love everything about the Drobo, but not being able to select my FS was a dealbreaker for me.

Also - you can hardcode an IP on your printer from something outside of your DHCP servers rage - I have done this on my last two HP Laserjet printers.

This is not an impulse buy item. Do your own due diligence. Forums are a great place to start.

Know what services you want and whether it can provide those reliably. A mail server? A VPN? A Plex stream? Not all NAS can handle those.

Compare QNAP vs. Synology.

Make an informed decision.

Bingo. Lots of NAS boxes out there for different needs. About to move up to a Synology DS1515+ (ho ho ho) but stocking it with 8tb enterprise drives is another story. Nice thing about the DS1515+ is that it’s expandable with DX513 which adds another 5 bays. My current setup is a Netgear NAS104 w/4 4tb Segate NAS drives and 2 4tb WDMyclouds. Movies, music, backups and clouds for my kids. Netgear is about 2 years old so thinking it’s time to offload the data and upgrade. I’ll keep the Netgear to be my snapshot server.

I’ll throw in a few pennies and my story.

I started researching home NAS a few years ago and about 20 months ago I did a thorough comparison of the major NAS players and their products in my category (4-5 bays, preferably under $500 with no disks). I was primarily considering Asustor, QNAP, and Synology. I decided to skip home built units (FreeNAS, etc) as my I wanted a low-power, turn-key solution.

I did pretty extensive research and spent time in the example GUI on each of their web sites. This is a super nice feature they all offer and I suggest you try it.

I ended up deciding on a QNAP TS-451. I really liked the TS-451 and discovered the official QNAP forums, which are helpful, but I also highly recommend the QNAP sub Reddit


I immediately upgraded my TS-451 to 8GB as I run Docker containers an VMs on it. I run two RAID-1 volumes on it. I considered RAID-5 but decided against it for multiple reasons.

My complaints with the TS-451 were 1. Only dual core CPU (I run some docker containers, qpkg apps, VMs) and 2. no hardware encryption. I run encrypted volumes and the 451 (and 453mini) don’t have hardware encryption.

After about 18 months of running the TS-451 (and being very happy) I got a great deal on a TS-563 and upgraded to get a (slightly) faster CPU, hardware encryption, and an extra bay for SSD Cache Acceleration.

Woot’s model, TS-453mini, includes a quad core Celeron x86 CPU, so it should do pretty well with Container Station (docker) and Virtual Station (VMs) if you upgrade the 2GB of RAM to 8GB (or maybe even 16GB). This upgrade seems to be super easy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t contain hardware encryption.

After not quite two years, I am still very happy with QNAP and have no regrets over my decision. I have four friends who have I steered to QNAP and they are happy.

I agree isn’t a snap decision, BUT, I think you won’t find as capable a NAS as this model for twice the money.

FWIW I did consider Drobo as I drooled over the Drobo for a few years. The Drobo failure stories seemed scarier than necessary.

Does Anyone know if this will work OK as a Plex Server and if I can do RAID 5 on it?

4 drive system so Raid 5: Yes.


Google “Plex compatibility list” for what a server on this will do. You can run plex server on many systems, but the capabilities of what that server can do depends on the CPU.


Good notes but I think the qnap site states this has AES 256. Reviews suggest the cpu (on die) provides the hardware acceleration, though the throughput seems a bit on the slower side.