Qomotop Rechargeable Robotic Pool Cleaner

Qomotop Rechargeable Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Bought one last time it was on Woot. It was awesome until it broke 1 and half months after I got it.

Woot customer service was awesome. Since it was still within 90 days of purchase they provided me a shipping label and a full refund.

Now, to find the time to get to the UPS store…


I have the Tacklife version of this. Exactly the same. Still going strong into it’s 2nd season. Works great!

this thing is awesome and has held up for me so far. if you have a fairly standard sized/shaped pool, this is a real game changer.

reading the reviews, looks like the real test will be whether it’s still working next year.

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Anyone use this in an above ground? Also, how well does it do climbing out of deep end?

I assumed from the description, and from other comments I remember, that I think were for this item when it was sold a couple of months ago, that this was for flat bottom pools. Not for pools with a sloping deep end. I may be wrong on this though.

like to find out where you can buy new brush for the bottom of this item,

Not sure? I found their site though and they have a contact page.