QR Composition

I don’t get it, is it suppose to be the smartphone thingy and a composition notebook?

Before anyone asks - no - nothing happens if you scan this shirt with a QR reader.

I was ensaddened when my barcode scanner failed to pick up anything :expressionless:

Was anyone else’s first impulse to see if the barcode looking thing went anywhere?

Raise your hand if you tried to scan this with your droid and it didn’t work?

~raises hand~

No dice.

Well I am glad to know I’m not the only one who tried :stuck_out_tongue:

great for some late back to school shopping

It would have been cool if it scan back to shirt.woot.com.

You should get a permanent marker and fill in your name, school, etc., so everyone can have a customized shirt!

I might have been interested if it actually scanned as something… I was disappointed when it didn’t register anything.

Seems to be a big omission that it doesn’t work. It’s not that hard to create stylized ‘real’ codes…

Low tech high tech. Clever. Still pickup composition books occasionally; they’re good for the “write” size projects.

Jumping on the boat of disappointed people, if you make something look like a QR code, please please please make it scan to something.

dont get it, please someone explain!

Sucks that this isn’t a valid code… =P

Does not scan, fail again shirt woot

I swear I had one of these for just about every class I had in school. The nuns were strict about composition for code class… you know, on those old Apple 2e’s back in the day?

Awww, I’ve gone and made myself sad.

I keep seeing a face, the top squares look like eyes and the lines are some sort of mouth. So weird.