Quady Electra Moscato Half-Bottle (12)

Quady 2010/2011 Electra Moscato Half-Bottle Case
$71.99 $137.00 47% off List Price
2010 Quady Electra Moscato, 375 ml
2011 Quady Electra Moscato, 375 ml
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You will either get a case of the 2010 Vintage, or a case of the 2011 Vintage. The choice will be made by the winery.

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If you are in to sweeter wines, the Quady brand has great Moscats and Moscatos. I have had most of them from varied years and all are great. My favorite is the orange infused moscato but this will make for tasty Christmas gifts for most of my friends.

The picture on the bottle looks familiar. I think I’ve picked this up at Trader Joe’s in past years. Good stuff.

Note that this wine is only 4% alcohol, which can be good or bad depending on what you’re looking for out of it.

+1 to all that has been said. I got this here on Woot a while back, and have loved it every time we opened a little bottle. But boy it’s sweet! Some won’t like it, but for the right occasion, the Quady Moscato is tasty.

A bit high priced for a 4% 350ml. American made wine. That is my 2 cents. Hope you had a good Turkey Day.

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…down to my last two Muscat of Alexandria bottles from Filippi, so this is a tempting deal, just… Any thoughts as to how well this will cellar?

I know it is apples and oranges to what we’ve carefully hoarded over a few years, but I’ve never racked up anything with this low of an alcohol before.

I work for the distributor in VA, this is several dollars a bottle cheaper than wholesale cost, I’d say it’s a great deal for a good dessert wine.

The label says 4.5%!

several dollars cheaper than wholesale on 375ml like these or are you thinking of the 750ml?

…and the description says 4% so let’s say 4.25 will that make you happy?

375’s, i’m looking at my ordering program right now.

I’m reluctant to say what we charge but 5.99/bottle for a case is definitely less than what a retailer pays, in VA at least.

The 2012s are on Amazon, 750ML size, half case for 74 + shipping, IIRC.

Too bad it doesn’t ship to New Mexico.

I see the half case at 77+shipping

Thanks. I previously paid only $10/bottle for 750ml of these that’s why I asked. This offer is about $1 less per bottle than last year’s offer here for the 375s which I also bought. My g/f likes these a lot and I like to use them to make wine smoothies.

The amazon price for the 750’s is about average for retail. I’m just saying this sale of the 375’s is def below wholesale cost, most likely the winery is trying to unload the '10 and '11 vintages so they can get the '12 into 375’s.