quality posts...


just curious… is there someone at the woot hq actually reading people’s posts to determine if a post really is a “quality post” or is there some hi-tech alien machinery that figures out what you’re saying and determines it on its own?


Anyone else wanna field this or should I?


My understanding, there’s a few volunteer mods and then also people from Woot.


All I can say about that is…

Boss Martians.


crap…none of my posts are high quality and most even i can’t figure out. what did i just say? anyone? help…gatsby…i need you to explain me to me.


I always assume that everything I post is a quality post. If they don’t think so, then they didn’t understand it.
Also, to be fair, ‘they’ don’t worry about that in EBW, only in the product threads, really.


Gatzby does most of the spotlighting, but there are other staff members and volunteer mods that pitch in too. I don’t think there are any aliens involved… :slight_smile:


Ms. Girl,
How do all of you avoid stepping on each other’s toes? I mean, how often have you tried to delete a post but found that someone else already did it?


As someone who has posted pictures of radioactive vomiting chimps and dogs farting music, I always assume that nothing I post is a quality post.


I wish people would stop advertising food at night.


It’s not bad. A post can really only be deleted once, so it doesn’t matter how many folks hit the button. It gets more confusing when more than one of us try to probate the same person.


Hee hee! Do the probations stack, Ms. Girl?




I wish they would. Actually, the first in wins.


So, are there certain individuals who draw more attention? That is, “Watch that moron…they will do something stupid that requires probation!” (disclosure…If there is such a list, I am sure that I was on it for a while. Trying to reform here Boss)


No list, but when you delete several posts from the same person, sooner or later everyone gets tired of chasing them in circles…

edit: much more common during woot-offs.


Well then, I would just like to apologize for being a jackarse at times in a previous life.


I’ll let Gatz know you said so. I don’t venture into the old products very often. He gets the brunt of those threads.


Heh, that can be fixed behind the scenes, but yeah, generally speaking, the first probation is the one that sticks… and it’s usually shorter, which we’d prefer to leave. Believe it or not, we’d rather let everyone enjoy the forums all the time, it’s just that some stuff can’t stick around.


There’s no real list or anything of the sort, mostly because I don’t pay attention to names. If a user is really persistent, I start to recognize them and that’s generally a bad thing. =P

Other things we keep an eye are on people posing from multiple IPs, product shilling, etc. (One of the benefits of the colored boxes.)