Quality Posts

So I was wondering, how do i do quality posts? I just wanted to post about how awesome my stuff is and i can’t seem to figure our how to do quality posts. I post on the discussion about my item, but my quality post # does not increase. Anyone know how to do quality posts?

Well you have the first part down. The next part is to have a mod notice the absolute awesomeness of your post. It’s really hard during a woot-off because there is so much non-quality to the posts AND there is a lot of probation/deletion distracting the mods, especially during business hours because many of the mods have day jobs and aren’t here.

So if there is a mod highlighting posts, and you share your awesomeness, your QP count will rise. It’s still a roll of the dice, but . . . what isn’t really?

For your reading pleasure I have linked Gatzby’s answer to your question.

the flip of a trick nickel?

Oh seriously who flips coins anymore. … . . . . . that’s so binary!

In that case, maybe I should change my ExpectNet entry from “boy” to “lizard?” What is the roll for gender these days? 2D4? 1D20?

You could try, but as Fen pointed out when he made his choice, the more exotic options are not available with that particular pool application.

How to QP (on shirt.woot, at least):

  1. Be clever - this can be “funny”, or it can just be “clearly thinking about the product in question”. Some people QP for just copy/pasting things but I like to think that using your brain helps.

  2. Be relevant - refer to the product, refer to the writeup, or refer to the discussion.

  3. Be natural - most people can tell the difference between actually smart or funny and forced humor or stilted-to-sound-smarter language.

I’ve gotten QPs on totally random comments that I was not expecting to QP (like “mouse gunk”, “my teacher ate placenta”, and “does glow in the dark ink look cool under a blacklight?”). I’ve also pulled out forced, unfunny commentary which is rightfully overlooked.

And if my experience at wine.woot is worth anything, being the first person to state the obvious is apparently also QP-worthy. :stuck_out_tongue:

(haha oh god I thought people writing “kewpie” were just being cute. didn’t realize Q.P. had a filter.)

Perfect example of a Quality Post!