Quantum EX25PTi EXO Spinning Reel



15%!!! Wow!! Thanks Woot!!


Quantum makes good reels. But I’ll wait. This looks like not so good a deal.


hey woot, you have a typo. please double check the price $168.99. did you mean $16.89?


A lot of $$$ for a little reel!


And only a buck 70 per reel @ 15% off? in 4 3 on this fantastic deal.

This should hover at 100% for awhile


I guess this is what will stall the woot-off…


see you guys in 12 hours!


I’ve been wanting to buy a quantum reel for some time, and this looks like a great one. But I don’t absolutely need a new reel so it would take more than 15% off to make me bite.


Yeah, it’s reelly expensive!




keeping it real with a reel


I think they must make the deals progressively worse until the woot off dies.


Everyone and their MAMA has this reel at EBAY for $169. You screwed up, WootGods


What happens if nobody buys one? In the history of wooting has that ever happened?


Yeah, this will kill the sport Woot!off for the night. But I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the last item intentionally.