Quantum Fishing

I’ll be honest - I had no idea there could be this many variations in fishing reels. The tech geek in me is crazy curious about what makes them all different. Any fishing geeks out there up for a quick rundown on how you decide which one to get?

It’s all about the bearings. The more bearings, the more your reel is smooth. I highly recommend the Energy reel, that is a fantastic price for that reel. I have the model of this reel from 2 years ago and with the care I’ve been giving it the reel still reels in like it is brand new out of the box. You cannot go wrong with the Quantam brand. I would honestly buy 1 for myself but I have no need as my going on 3 years old reel from them is still in fantastic shape.

It’s not all about the bearings…it’s much more than that. The smoke for instance is one of the lightest reels on the market. But it also has a very light drag. Some reels have higher or lower gear ratios, and the list goes on.

it depends on what you want, a spinning reel is simple and rugged but because it coils perpendicularly to the pole your line can leave the reel crooked and friction against the eyelets can affect distance and accuracy casting , by contrast, a bait-caster type reel for example can cast further and more accurately because it is coiled parallel to the eyelets but in the hands of an inexperienced user can become tangled or fouled by exposure to sand or other grit very easily. additionally, the inertia of the reel after the cast means that unless you’re careful you could wind your line the wrong direction for several feet, which can complicate things. if you’re new, get a spinning reel, they’re simple, rugged, and if you like to take your things apart and then put them back together without a “where’s this extra part supposed to go” you can’t go wrong.

I don’t think this is DEAL enough to be on woot. I think the way they are selling says it all.