¿Que? ¿Syrah? ¡Syrah!

Gård Columbia Valley Syrah 3-Pack
$59.99 $100.00 40% off List Price
2010 Syrah, Columbia Valley, Lawrence Vineyards

R. Merlo Estate Vineyards 2005 / 2007 Estate Syrah Combo 6-Pack
$79.99 $140.00 43% off List Price
2007 Estate Syrah, Trinity County
2005 Estate Syrah, Trinity County

Stillman Brown Colossus Syrah 2-Pack
$59.99 $120.00 50% off List Price
2012 Stillman Brown Colossus Syrah, Paso Robles

Alcanta “Barrique” Spanish Syrah 4-Pack
$54.99 $95.00 42% off List Price
2010 Alcanta Barrique Syrah, Alicante Spain

R. Merlo still in stock; the Ardente of Syrah.

Chip, is the Alcanta the same as you posted CT notes on HEREfrom late last year?

Swilly, you checking with a new vintage too. 17.9%! With that you need to supply a DD as well.

Agreed! What torture. I really enjoyed this wine and made a note to back-up the truck next time it was offered (that back when Woot! was shipping to GA). I’m not sure why I keep checking back to torture myself. Could someone please ping me when Woot! starts shipping to GA again…

I don’t think I’ve tried the R.Merlo Syrah, but did enjoy the Pinot. Interested in a bottle of each vintage if somebody wants to split.

I’m considering the Stillman Brown Colossus this time around. Did anyone pick this up when it was on woot Mid- December? If so, what did you think?


Yes, one and the same.

How do the R. Merlo Syrahs compare to the McClean Vineyards Syrah?

a good excuse to open one. The '05 or '07?

You don’t need to open one. I was just looking for a comment or two. I thought the McCleans were good values (Taste and price). So, I wondered if others thought that the R. Merlo’s were also a good value or a comparably good value.

I really like them both, but I probably like the R Merlo a little better (05 v 05). Can’t really explain why, I think maybe it seemed more complex (whatever that means :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:). I have quite a few bottles of both, and snagged another woot this morning.

hands down the best >$20 wine woot has ever offered.
Its a steal
Its a beast.
the kindof “unfiltered” and almost “chewy” texture i dream of.
i ran out of this stuff the first time toooo quick.
i created a separate account for my wife solely so we could order 6 :slight_smile:

I had a stare down with a bottle of each the other day and went with an '05 McClean. They are both really good and in their own way. With this offering, I can pop an R. Merlo this weekend sans the guilt of depleting my stock. Woot-Woot!

The Merlo looked really interesting, I have spent some time camping and fishing in the Trinitys and it is gorgeous remote country and I have visited and drunk at Trinity County wineries, but looking at the map, Merlo is REMOTE.

I have some Colossus sitting ready to try, but I have been afraid to open the 17.9% monster. Tonight I had a Sixteen 16% Zin and it was lush and fine, so I am soon ready to pop a cork on the Colossus after I round up some adventurous friends.

Actually, the only time I’ve ever seen anyone drink an entire bottle of Colossus in short order, I was the DD?!?

Good morning Wooters! Hope you all had a nice weekend. Sorry I missed some of your comments over the weekend. I will be available this week for any questions about the 05 or 07 Merlo Family Vineyards Syrah. I will answer as best I can. Just to chime in on ingnoredobsessional’s description of the wines…short but accurate. Thank you for the comment.

Ray Merlo

Agree with you 100% just had an '07 R Merlo and found it more complex than the '07 McLean and with a velvety long finish…dont get me wrong, I have enjoyed the McLeans but they seem a bit one dimensional and noticeably more oaky than the R Merlos…

Well, now that the winery’s claimed it – is this in fact your description of the R. Merlo? (I’m guessing it is – it has been one of my faves in this price range as well.) But since the comments apply to all the wines in this Plus sale, your clarification might be in order.

apologies…was drinking wine all weekend…and monday…and tuesday…

YES! that was my description for the R Merlo Syrah.

You cannot go wrong with either year.

no thank YOU for the delicious wine you conjure.