Queen Bedding

If I want to try one of these comforters and it doesn’t work want to return it (unused of course :slight_smile: ), how do I go about doing that? It looks like it has to be damaged or defective in order for me to make a return.

You are correct. We do not take returns for personal reasons such as change of mind or not liking it.

Thank you!

I’d be careful with these. Bought the Rhys Hotel 8pc Quilted Oversized Queen Comforter Set - Indigo almost a year ago. Washed it once following strict directions and the blue dye ran all over the comforter. Some places were almost white so much of the dye had come off. I have never used bleach in my washing machine but the damage caused just by washing it was similar to dumping some bleach in the wash.

I don’t know if these are all the same manufacturer, and I hope they have fixed the dye issue in the last year, but figured I’d warn people thinking about the Rhs Hotel sets.

Woot was super nice and after taking pictures, they allowed me to mail it back for a refund as the product was defective. Sad as I still am looking for a comforter pattern I like.

What is a ‘sherpa lining’? Sounds macabre…