Queen Mattress Toppers

Has anyone purchased the 2" Gel Topper with Diamond Vented Cover-Queen before? I tend to sleep hot; does this really help keep you cooler? Is it worth the price? Thanks!

What is the foam density on this topper?

@ last comment: I also tend to be a living heater, though my S.O. does enjoy that; maybe this would help me keep me from sweating and ripping off the covers!

Can you narrow down which topper?

Yeah I was speaking of the 2" Diamond Gel Topper


Please note this is a 3.5 pound density, open cell gel memory foam.

what’s that supposed to mean?

because the 4" queen one is 3.5 pound density, too. Can you explain, please?

It is the density per square foot of the memory foam… basically a measure to tell different foams apart.

On rough nights I sleep on the carpet because the bed isn’t firm enough for me; what is this topper going to do for me? I really don’t know the benefits of foam but my S.O. loves the idea of it.

I’d say it’s not likely going to be as firm as carpeting (without knowing your carpetings softness and padding underneath if any… etc).

Regardless, you should know that memory foam does the opposite of springs as it’s used; it slowly gets softer. The firmness is also affected by temperature.