Queen Mattresses & Toppers

So long ago I cannot even remember when I bought it - got it at Costco. I am guessing about 7 or 8 years. It is just in the last year it has started to crack.

Is the 4" topper a single type of foam or is it one of those toppers that have 2 types of foam layered on top of eachother

I am being so indecisive about the 2" Gel Memory Foam Topper… Have been having back issues lately and I feel like this may help but unsure!

We got this one the last time WOOT had it. It’s one type of foam and we like it. On opening, we noted the smell of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. Odd, I know, since most complain that these stink. The smell went away within 2 days and we left it sitting out for that time before we slept on it (so it could expand properly.

We removed the standard foam from our Sleep Number bed and replaced it with this. Now our ‘Silver Edition’ is a M-series without the extra $$$$.

If there is a down side, it’s that this foam has ZERO flame retar-dants (*). Hope you don’t smoke in bed.

No comments on the new woot pictures for items for sale ?
More than one color ?
Characters so cute, like an infants story book.
Wth !!!
Did amazon make the old artist quit too ?
Smiling pillows make me not want to buy anything >:(

As a big guy should I go with the 2" or 4"?


I am with the manufacturer of the memory foam toppers and will be able to answer your questions.

The foam is Made in the USA, any covers are imported.

The Gel Memory Foam is the latest in sleep technology. If you buy the 4", you need to make sure that your flat sheet will fit around the extra 4".

The toppers will weigh about 13 lbs.

This is a single type of foam.

It is a matter of personal preference… Personally, I would go with the 4".

Any clues as to the brand of the 2" gel memory foam mattress topper? I just wanted to look up some additional reviews before purchasing. We have a Temperpedic that could use a little more softness and coolness - I am convinced the gel is cooler but not sure about how soft it might be.

I ended up ordering the 2" gel topper, my mattress already has some memory foam in it and I’m thinking this will help me stay cool. Can’t wait to get it!

Really- all I want to know is if I can get a wallpaper of the king/queen mattress mascots.