Queen Mattresses

Any thoughts on any of these? Can’t find much info anywhere especially reviews.

Me either, I just searched. I want to know more!


I am with the manufacturer of the 11" and 8" Tri-Zone mattresses.

I would be able to answer any questions that you may have about those specific mattresses.

We have featured our products on Woot in the past and we have some great reviews on the Woot message boards.

I am with the manufacturer of the Natural Flex dunlop natural latex 12" mattress as well as the Responda 12" and 10" memory foam and engineered latex mattresses. These 3 mattresses have bamboo and rayon fabric that helps push air away from your body, keeping you cooler while you sleep. The latex in these mattresses provides great support while the memory foam offers conformance. If you have any specific questions, I would love to help!

From the myCloud manufacturer: We have a website dedicated to just the myCloud product where you can find more information as well: http://mycloudsleep.com/

Do memory foam mattresses work well and hold up well when used with the head of the bed raised 6" for acid refux symptoms?

The will work great with an elevated head as many use these on adjustable bases.


I am interested in the 11 inch TriZone mattress. Can you provide me with the foam densities of each portion of the mattress? Also, what level of firmness is it considered?

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Boyd Speciaty Sleep Natural Flex 933 12" Mattress - Queen

How come there are no independent reviews for this mattress???

Not even Amazon has them.

Are they made of 100% Natural Latex? or Engineered/Fake Latex??

What is the firmness level of the Natural Flex?

The top 2" of this mattress is natural dunlop latex. We put this at the top so you get that comfortable latex feel closest to your body. Under that is 4" of engineered latex which provides great support and long term durability.

To put a number on it, with Firm as 4 and soft as 1, I would rate it a 2. The natural dunlop latex gives you a floating feeling with the engineered latex giving you great support.

Hi Holly,

Please note the memory foam is 3 pound density. Although firmness is very subjective, we consider this to be a medium firmness.