Queen Memory Mattress & 2 Pillows

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Comfortable, but man does it stink. You need to air it out for several days before putting it on a bed.

Been sleeping happily on mine since this was on woot a couple weeks ago. Definitely recommend it. Firm, but it really does seem to align the spine or something. I’ve had no back pain since getting it, I just hope it lasts a few years.

I guess I’ll be the first to get the bed jokes rolling.

This seems like a great deal, but I think I’d better “sleep on it”…

When they say memory foam they mean it. I passed on this mattress because it literally remembers the form of your body and starts to mold to it over the years. That’s a little too science fictiony for me.

This might be the funniest Woot description I’ve read in a long time, maybe ever. Wish I had a need for this!

If my memory serves me correctly, these were a hot buy last month.

Here comes another:

The deal on this bed is so great, that you’d be crazy not to “jump on it”!

I wonder how they will fit this in a box

Got one last month. Looks good, probably will work well after the stink is gone. Been sitting in the spare bedroom with the patio door open for weeks now. It is slowly getting better. At least with the door closed you can’t smell it from the hallway anymore.

The hand model looks pretty hot. :slight_smile:

Bought this last go-round. Mattress is, while firm, very comfortable and stays cool while sleeping. Smell is minimal if noticiable at all–although I let it expand and air out for 4-5 days instead of the recommended 2. Pillows are nice but I use one in addition to regular pillows so I can’t really judge them completely. All in all - A+++ Would buy again.

I wish this showed up a week later. We desperately need a mattress but no $$$ today :frowning:

Can someone who has used this bed for a very long time clarify the rumors and speculation that always follows these beds. Sorry, don’t really need the people who bought it last week or a month ago. Do they last or not? Does it “loose its memory” over time? Should I better spend my money on a name brand version of this bed?

Get ready, this one’s full of cheese:

"If ‘memory’ serves me correctly, these sold out pretty quick last time. Do you think they’ll be around for long?’

“I wouldn’t ‘bed’ on it”…

We bought our mattress from woot more than a year ago and have really liked it. I already had a fairly good quality 2" memory foam topper so I put that on top and it made it even better. I don’t have a platform for it, so I have it right on the floor rather than a boxspring because I prefer the feel to be solely based on the memory foam.

I haven’t ever found it to develop a dip. It can seem like it while you are sleeping, you will try to move and keep rolling back into a hole, but if you wait for a minute, the old dip will rise and you will form a new one.

I figure I can get a Tempur-Pedic for around $1200 + $800 for the platform (required for the warranty) and have one bed, or I can get a $300 mattress + $100 topper every few years. As they wear out I can use them at the cabin, as guest beds, or even cut them up and make pillows or liners for my gaming chair (nothing like memory foam for long gaming sessions)

Darn, I can’t believe it. I have been waiting for the past week for woot to offer a memory foam mattress. Yesterday, I ran out of patience and ordered one. Wouldn’t you know? I need a day’s more measure of patience.

Is it possible to use Bill Me Later as a payment option?

While I didn’t buy mine from Woot!, I did buy a non name brand memory foam mattress. It’s lasted me almost 5 years. My mother sleeps on a Tempurpedic, and it’s lasted 13 years so far - she says it’s still a wonderful bed. Granted, they’re much more expensive.

My current mattress, the one mentioned above, has become… too squishy, lol, if that makes sense. When I get on it, I don’t get the suppport that I used to. I sink immediately. If I’ve had a long day at the office or done something intense that involved my back, I wake up the next morning with no difference - while it used to be my bed would cure all my aches.

All in all, a decent experience. If you have the money to invest and you like memory foam, a Tempurpedic may be the best bet. But if you JUST like memory foam (and don’t have as much cash currently), I’d say this is probably a good buy.