Queen of Hearts Merlot (6)



Previous offer of a mixed case for $79 was a good deal.



Bought 2 orders last time. Some time past checked my inventory and there were 3 merlot and 10 Syrah left SO I’m in for 2 this time. I’m a Cab person but occasionally crave for something fluffy and lighter style(i.e. SoBeIt and District 7 - Pinot).

About this wine: Another well done by L & L. Not overly extracted, good balance between acid and fruit. Great daily drinker.


L&L are Woot staples. Wish a higher end would have been on best of Woot. Ordered a case of Syrah last time around and enjoying as we speak. There are good daily drinkers at a good price…


How come on their website it says that they can ship to Massachusetts, but when I try to order from Woot it says that I can’t?


It boils down to extra licenses needed by the winery. Legal stuff blah, blah, blah.


I ordered the Merlot and Syrah mixed case last time. Great daily drinkers. And personally I liked the merlot better than the syrah, so put me in for a least 1. For me this was a pop and poor.


The description says that the wines ship in 5-8 business days. Does it mean that if I order today, the earliest they leave the warehouse is Sept 17?
If yes, then when will the shipment reach North Carolina?


Mung - With summer shipping they’ll hold them in the warehouse until its cool enough to ship them safely, and/or they’ll move them in refrigerated trucks. Wine doesn’t handle high temperatures well and there’s no sense cooking your fancyfreshly ordered wine. More details here: http://wine.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=6342638