Queen Sheets

Sure would be nice to know a Brand…I’ve found I need to know the brand of sheets as sometimes the best aren’t the most expensive. Thanks

We sometimes can’t give out the manufacturer. This is because our buyers work for great pricing and the vendors want to protect their pricing in the marketplace.

For the “600TC Egyptian Cotton Sheets-Queen-4 Colors” item, the colors in the dropdown don’t match the preview colors. Is there something off here?

I just got a set of the 800TC sheets and they’re VERY nice. Didn’t recognize the brand so I don’t recall it offhand but they are well made and super comfy. In for another!!!

Checking. Thanks for pointing it out.

UPDATE: It’s fixed now.

I bought a set of the 800TC sheets the last time you had them. VERY nice sheets, but I’m pretty sure you sent me Grey instead of the Taupe I ordered. I didn’t notice it until I saw them up on woot again today as I’m very colorblind :confused:
Oh well, at least they’re comfy.

Do you know if they are a sateen or percale weave?

They are Sateen.

I bought the Royal Blue printed set that said they were 100% Egyptian Cotton in the description, but I just received them - made in China, 100% Microfiber (aka: polyester). I have just emailed Woot customer service. Microfiber sheets are available at Kmart for $20 - I don’t want to sleep on polyester!

Got the white queen size-- they are excellent. Very nicely woven, smooth and soft and more than large enough.