Queen Size Airbed with Built-In Pump and Memory Foam Topper

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Queen Size Airbed with Built-In Pump and Memory Foam Topper
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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in for 3

I was just wondering if it was time for bed.

waiting for the monkeys

monkeys jumping on the bed…next?

The elephant of mattresses. They never forget.

is this a good deal? i cant find the brand name or reference… blind perhaps

$70 on Amazon


What a horrible deal… Read specs before you buy, if you and your woman weigh nothing more than 300 pounds together then you are probably not the average woot-off’er

Don’t tell me I missed the ShamWow Woot-Off… please anything but that…

I think that I will that a pass on this one, so lets just go on to the next, please!

Meh. It was 95% sham and only 5% wow. You didn’t miss anything.

I’ve been searching for an air mattress for a few weeks now and always stop short of the buy button. This is not really a deal that will make me bite.

This is great for one person or two kids
Air mattresses suc k but with the foam top you can actually sleep on it

This will fit perfectly for all of you who owns an inflatable mate, inflatable furniture, and an inflatable TV screen!

Let’s see . . . “Queen Size” would indiacate TWO sleepers . . . max. weight limit 300 pounds . . . that really limits the number of fat butted Americans that could sleep on this thing doncha think?

why am I still awake? i was nodding off before the bed woot…now I’m fading fast.

Why is there not a Helium version of this?

This will come in handy for a soon-to-be ex-spouse!
In for 3.
Planning for my next two EXs.