Queen Size Airbed with Built-In Pump and Memory Foam Topper

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Queen Size Airbed with Built-In Pump and Memory Foam Topper
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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face palm

Can you kill zombies with htis?

Can you kill zombies with this?

oh, come on - really???

How appropriate - bed time!



300lbs load capacity? What if I get a really fat girlfriend? Next.

look at all the sleepy people in nevada

Just listened to “Lola” by The Kinks. Are you sure the 300 lb “girlfriend” crushing your spine is really a girl?

I’ve had a bed like this with a LOT more than 300 lbs on it. It worked great for a while, then accidentally punctured a seal by applying my elbow to it with my full weight. So no fun shenanigans on this bed, but otherwise it’s study :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you delete post? I doubled down :frowning:

You can edit it and tell us all how much you fail. But really don’t worry about it

Memory foam what dose it remember?

“really fat”? How small are you? Or are you planning on making her sleep in the livingroom when she visits? :slight_smile:

Ours has a hole in it somewhere… on the plus side, since all you have to do is turn the dial, the kids and I will crash in the basement, and every so often I’ll crank it on in the middle of the night and will be fine for another couple of hours.

Usually, it’s when I notice my arse is above my head, it’s a sign I need to reinflate…

While I may have been intoxicated when I ordered it, so far I am impressed. No leaks. Gets nice and firm. I am big. 6’4. And since.I broke my leg pushed my weight up close to 300 which is the supposed limit…not seeing a problem. My only concern is it the cats destroying it aka claws.

It’s kinda large for this, but if you wipe it down with a very wet cloth, with the pump on you might be able to see the leak, since the water will bubble. Then use one of the included patches.

Also there is a valve at the opposite end of the mattress which is loose when you get it. You are supposed to tighten it partway through inflation. Might still be loose.