Queen Size Raised Air Mattresses

Amazon is cheaper for the insta-bed which is super weird considering this is the sale variety of amazon. Also, the item listed as serta in the picture clearly shows insta-bed on the photo.

Do you have a link for that? I’m not seeing this model offered on Amazon for this price or less.

It is for the traditional beige model I staved queen with never flat pump. It’s listed under instabed “bed” I would give a link but it keeps opening in my app. Search for item B006OU4ERA

Thumbnails look like USB external battery packs…

I don’t see that and it’s not listed on the description. Thumbnails also show the blue as insta-bed not Serta so clearly a problem relying on images. Now if this was 60 we would be talking but at 99 with amazon having the beige queen for 71 it’s really disappointing.