Quench Journey Tumbler – 4 Pack

I bought some of these during the last wootoff and was amazed with the quality. They’re way better than I thought and originally I thought the top and straw were kind of stupid. No way, They’re awesome. Only suggestion, at this price buy 2 or 3 because for me 1 would not be enough.

tl;dr: These aren’t as cheap as they look buy 3

I love these. I use them at work and at school they are amazing to clean. So much cheaper here than in a store…

In for 3! Thanks for your input.

Missed these last time.
In for 2.

You realize that they’re just saying that so that you will buy these and we’ll move on right? Oops. Cat’s out of the bag. Well I commend their efforts because otherwise these are going nowhere fast.

Kind of wishing I’d checked here first before ordering… really don’t want to pay another shipping charge. Ah well, I’ll try these out, see if they work well for me… and hope they show up in a future Wootoff!

Thanks for the tip!!

These things are GREAT! I bought 2 so I can put some in my families stockings!

These look very similiar, great reviews.


On last woot off they were gone in like 10 minutes, and never showed up again.

On another note, the dish dryer was still 5/6 unsold, so I fear they will be coming back again and again.

Also that was coming from someone who normally isn’t a straw kind of person. I drink from a thermos all day at work. But I swear, Lemonade was just made for you to drink ice cold with a straw. This is perfect because the double wall means your drink wont sweat and your hand wont melt the ice faster.

if you lose the straws You can buy replacements but at that price you’re almost better off crossing your fingers and hoping for this to popup on woot again

Seriously - I just bought these to move the last wootoff along and maybe give them away to friends, but I bought 3 and am keeping at least 8 for myself. I’m almost considering buying another 3 but I think I’m good for now…

Definitely worth it at 15 for 8 or 20 for 12, not so much the 8 for 1 you would pay in a store though.

Just ordered 3, We were given one cup from Sears (marked $19) several weeks ago, and the cup is great, they don’t spill or leak. Insulated, so it keeps things hot/cold even in Minnesota. These prices make this a wonderful gift.

I, too, bought these last time. LOVE them!! Very sturdy and I love the fact that they don’t “sweat” when an iced drink is in them. I gave two to my neighbor and kept two for myself. Neighbor also loves them and whenever I visit, he is using one for his drink. Would make great gifts.

Feral water? Not ferral… What do I win for being a grammar nut?

haha nooooooope!
Chuck Testa

I love these tumblers :3
Drinking lemonade from one now.

Edit: I could care less how fast home.woot moves. In the last 24 hours I have ~16 woot purchses and 1 Home.woot purchase. I think you can see where I really care about deals.

If anyplace I wished moved faster it would be Kids.Woot or Wine.Woot

I am wanting a bag of crap, don’t get me wrong, but I also do use these everyday. They are great. And i choose to get the straws from my coffee house or work. I don’t really want to worry if they are really clean after hand washing them. So no in no way was i trying to push this. Just giving my personal usage and credit to a great product…
But thank you for showing cynicism…

gettin’ ready to go fill up another urine bag huh? :wink:

You know it man! Best 10 dollars I ever spent!

Could not agree more about wine.woot moving like a turtle.
Started off with a bang on Wellington Victory, and been stuck on white for like 3 hours…

Ok you all sold me on them. Looks like I will either love them or use them as my white elephant gift.