Quest Bars

Quest Bars are awesome. They are great emergency food in the car, and better as a post work-out snack if you’re watching carbs.

If you have an issue with sugar alcohols, you should check labels here, though - some of their newer lines use SA’s.

My favorite is mixed berry, pb&j comes in a close second. I’m not a fan of the desert flavors, as I find them too fake sweet for my taste.

(This price is lower than you’ll find on their website, amazon, or GNC.)

Hey, do we have a ballpark expiration date? I’d hate to stock up and find out that these all expire in 3 months.

These are probably the 2nd best tasting high fiber-high protein bars on the market. If you find the consistency too tough, microwave for 15-20sec and they are like cake batter. Great price. Stocking up.

What’s the first? I haven’t found any other high fiber, high protein, low carb bar that tastes this good and delivers on decent ingredients. If you’ve run into another one, I’d love to know about it!

Ballpark? Sometime.

Closer to accurate? I emailed the buyers. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: OCTOBER 2015 is the exp date. It will be added to the sale, too.

Thanks Handsy! Now just make sure they don’t sell out of my favorite flavors while I wait to see what my other half wants. :wink:

Quest bars are great! Serious craving killer and way less empty calories than other bars.

My two favorites among Quest bars are the double chocolate and the cookie dough. Woot has them both! Lots of people like the cookies and cream. I personally think they don’t taste that great. Nothing beats REAL cookies and cream.

As a type 2 diabetic these are one of the very few protein bars I can enjoy that does not have a major impact on my blood sugar. Price is about $4 cheaper than anywhere else- definitely stocking up!

Why do they say no sugar alcohols but then list Erythritol as an ingredient? I’m very sensitive to sugar alcohols.

That bugs me too, I think it’s because Erythritol behaves differently in the body than other SA’s.

Great. The good flavors are already gone. . man. Stupid work making me work. . .:smiley:

I can beat “prime” by buying at least two, I guess

Well, I don’t know about meeting all the “criteria” for high fiber, protein, low fat, sugar; but the best tasting bars, hands down, are Unreal Bars (discontinued?). Considering that “most” energy/meal bars are glorified candy bars, Unreal dispenses with the pretense.

Others I’ve found that work as an inexpensive stop-gap: Fiber One Protein and the “Endulgent” bars from Aldi (copy of the Atkins “Endulge”, except better and much cheaper)-- Caramel Peanut and Coconut.

The Snickers Marathon Crunchy Dark Chocolate has good macros, as well.

“thinkThin” bars are also very good, IMHO… 20g protein, 0g sugar, low GI. Not sure on the fiber part though. Target sells a few flavors if you want to try a box of 4.

In for 2 of these to finally try Quest bars, always see posts raving about them.

All of you other Quest Bar lovers beat to me to every flavor that I wanted… that’s what I get for waiting to talk to my other half about what he wants. :wink:

Not low fat. Fat is good for you. :slight_smile: It’s sugar/carbs that mess with blood sugar levels. Thanks for the input.

We enjoy the Fiber One bars, 90 to 140 calories each. They run $4.00 a box of 5 in the grocery store and 5.29 in our local CVS (rip off unless buy 1 get 1 free) Amazon has Caramel Nut much cheaper. We prefer the coconut almond.

These bars are only $5 more on the manufacturers site. Why almost all sold out at this price, not a clue.

Because this is the cheapest these bars will be found for. The manufacturer’s site rarely has free shipping. $5 savings per box is significant, if you use them every day.

The carb count on that is a bit higher than my preference for this type of bar. The wheat ingredients are out, too. I think the best way for me to put it this: Quest Bars are the only option that meet my criteria for a protein bar. If you can handle more carb/sugar and don’t have an issue with certain ingredients, you have a wider base of viable options. Luckily, I like several flavors that Quest offers.

I wouldn’t say this is the cheapest deal because it depends on how many boxes you order. Amazon sells for ~$25 per box with prime shipping. If you buy 1 box here, after 5 dollar shipping, you still end up with a worse deal considering prime is 2-day shipping and woot can take up to a week or more. If you buy 2 or 3 boxes, then yes, you will be saying $5 and $10 respectively.

Granted, these bars don’t get marked down too much so this is an alright deal