Question about Copyrighted images and characters

I want to submit shirt designs. I have been through the site and was wondering if anyone could clarify something a little more for me.

when uploading a design I saw this…
“this design makes use of clip art, photos, traced photos or hand-drawn renditions of existing images”

…then it asks to provide links for copyright purposes. Does this mean if I’m using star wars images or characters in my design (even if I draw in my own style) I need to provide a link to the original image I used? Does this also pertain to a short line of song lyrics (like “Let it Go”) and popular puns (like “your argument is irrelephant”)? Also does this apply to specific art styles and famous artwork spin offs such as “The Kiss” from Klimt?

I see parody designs of Star Wars, Ninja Turtles and such. I want to do this correctly the first time so I can save a lot of time and avoid unnecessary headaches.

thank you

If you’re using a photo as a reference, then they want to see it.

The concern with that submission field isn’t so much “is this enough parody?” but rather “did the artist have the proper right to trace that photo, and can we legally print it?”