Question about fan art and trademarks

I love me some work shirts. I have a fair few clever ones and they often receive comments. Thanks everybody!

My question tho is how does Disney not block sales of baby yoda?

Apologies if this question is not allowed. Ok I love you bye.

Woot shirts… not work shirts. Silly phone.

Once upon a time, in a land called the Internet, there was a kingdom called IP. In this land everyone was famous and amazing and loved by all. But the King of IP restricted his people from visiting other lands, because when his people were in these foreign lands the King could not get revenue from his people’s fame. If any other kingdom harbored the people of IP and the King found out, he would wage war with that land. Now, the land of Woot was a favorite place for the people of IP to visit. The people of IP loved the people of Woot, the people of Woot would throw lavish parties for the people of IP. The king of Woot knew that the king of IP would wage war with Woot and destroy their country, so in his wisdom, the king of Woot required all visitors to his land to wear goggles or other disguises. The king of IP, would come to Woot and behold, he could not find any of his people… Thus the land of Woot was saved.
Many years passed, and many other kingdoms allowed people from IP to live in their land. Each land had different rules, mostly, if the king of IP asked the other kingdom to send his people home, they would do so without hesitation.
Woot saw this and realized that forcing the people of IP to wear masks was far more harmful to the visitors than it was to send them home. The people of IP did not mind going home, for they knew that they could come back whenever they wanted without any retribution.
And that is why people like Baby Yoda, Cookie Monster and their friends could come and go from Woot to this very day.