Question about sale priced T's & artist split

Hi, I noticed that during this sale, top price for T’s is $11. The sample contracts say you get $2/$1 commission (depending on the release you sign) for T’s selling “at a retail price in excess of Thirteen Dollars ($13.00)”. (Normal price is $15 once you aren’t in the top 20.) So, my question is: are they just knocking out the commission during sales, or do they still recognize the retail pricing and provide commission during sales?

The contracts were from back when shipping prices were included in the shirt. Worry not, the artists still get a split, even when it’s discounted. AFAIK, it’s $1 for shirts in side sales when it’s discounted to $8-11; at regular price ($10-13), the catalog ($11-14), and for other products like hoodies and totes, they’ve been at $2.

In the past, the lesser commission per shirt during a sale was more than made up for in the extra volume sold.

Two of the shirt.woot staffers were regular artists here before working for Woot, so they understand both sides very well. Overall, of all the crowdsourced shirt sites, I would say Woot takes care of the artists the best.

Thanks for the reply! The sample contracts aren’t clear on it.