question about weekly contests


Alright I’d been eyeing the contests for a couple months now. I’m a media student myself. I can photoshop with the best. I finally broke down and gave it a try with contest 49.

I looked and looked and couldnt find any set of rules defining “no multiple entries” so I decided to go ahead and post the 5 original ideas I could come up with. I started with what I thought was the lamest. Save the best for last right? That one gets honorable mention. Is that just because it was the first I entered, thus the only one of my images considered?

are multiple entries allowed or not?


I think it is as many entries as you want.


You can enter as many times as you want, but at best, only one will ever get picked.
Utilizing game theory helps - aim to the left, close your eyes and just start shooting wildly. It’s a tactic that >could< work.
I normally only enter once because Jason Toon seems to hate every fibre of my being and grinds his teeth in his sleep as he dreams his little dreams of stomping on my entries at the weekly judging meeting, so it seems goofy to spend more time creating more entries for a contest I’m not going to win. But hey, maybe that’s just me.
But I’m not bitter!
I only enter to amuse my fellow contestants. Sometimes I’m successful, sometimes not.


what about killingtime’s double on the honorable mention last week?


thanks I was just curious because it seemed to me that my lamest entry was the one that got picked for honorable mention… and then I noticed it was the entry I happened to post first so I thought maybe that was the reason


just a coincidence!


I think she’s married to a judge.


It’s too painful to talk about. I really planned to marry one of the judges…but something went awry. [;)]


Why does Toonerz have a towel over his head?


Like I said, it is painful to talk about…He got caught skulking around Brave Woman’s pink trailer again. When I found her pink towel on his head, I knew he was guilty. I knew that I couldn’t compete with such a beautiful & complex woman…so I ran. I ran so far away.


Couldn’t get away?


Here’s my take on your pics (as if anyone cared!):

#1: (the “winner”) Cute pic. I like the “range” of light (highlights, jack o’ lantern face) to darkness (shadows). Pic looks believable.
#2: (the scarecrow) OK. The scarecrow is straight on, but the Audiovox is slightly turned to one side, so it doesn’t blend in as well as #1.
#3: (blow-up doll) Eh. Kinda boring, and doesn’t really show off any chopping skill. More of a monkey prize contender.
#4: (bra pic on forehead) Color pic on top of a monochrome image? Plus, putting boobs there still won’t get the guy to look into her eyes.
#5: (Prez watching Edx3) I suspect mocking Bush in a forum owned by a Texas-based company isn’t going to go over well with at least some of the judges.

You say you posted them in order, starting from lamest first. I think that’s backwards.


**I Ran **

-A Flock of Seagulls

I walk along the avenue

I never thought I’d meet a girl like you

With auburn hair and tormy eyes

The kind of eyes that hypnotize me through

And I ran,

I ran so far away

I just ran,

I ran all night and day

I couldn’t get away

A cloud appears above your head

A beam of light comes shining down on you

The cloud is moving nearer still

Aurora borealis comes in view

And I ran,

I ran so far away

I just ran,

I ran all night and day

I couldn’t get away

Reached out a hand to touch your face

You’re slowly disappearing from my view

Reached out hand to try again

I’m floating in a beam of light with you

And I ran,

I ran so far away

I just ran,

I ran all night and day

I couldn’t get away

And I ran,

I ran so far away

I just ran,

I ran all night and day

I couldn’t get away…


Is it mere coincidence that the Runaway bride AND A Flock of Seagulls entered this thread, both of whom live in my hometown???

Mustn’t sleep… wooters will eat me…


There is no such thing as coincidence.

No such thing.


I can’t even draw a stick figure.


ok thanks for the critique… I didnt know woot was a Texas based company :P… although I thought one of the other honorable mentions did mock bush?.. maybe I missed the meaning of that one

and I thought that the images were judged more on idea than showcase of graphical skill… I’ll have to remember this in the future

I thought the Bush pic was hilarious and not in bad taste since I’ve even known Republicans to have a “umm… wtf?” reaction to that moment in Bush history…

oh well… in the future… no politics/no perversion



Safe is bad.
Safe flies in the face of the very reason we woot.
Safe is for kindergarteners.
Safe is for faster baserunners than me.
Safe is nothing to strive for unless you’re Wells Fargo.
Safe is for silly English pig dogs who’s mother was a hamster and who’s father smelt of elderberries.
Safe is for quitters.
Safe. Fnyeh.


Useless as it is. You’ve got an HM, while I have never won anything, so your credibility is much higher than mine!

I didn’t mean that you can’t poke fun at Bush. But that particular situation, as you point out, might be a sore spot, and might have handicapped that pic just within the group of 5 pics you submitted. I was only offering my opinion on your comment that your worst was first, not on how they compared with other people’s submissions.

I think in the past they’ve said it’s some combination of being on-theme, graphical skill, and a compelling idea; usually, nobody has all three, so they may settle for pics that have a weakness. In other words, a particularly funny pic may win, even though the graphical skill wasn’t top-notch. Conversely, a really good ‘chop could win over a funny pic. Usually, there’s a bit of “WTF?” reaction when Toon announces the judges’ decision, so the whole thing is really a mystery.

That’s not what I meant! It’s just that there are bound to be so many political or perverse entries, I think you have to really stand out with one of those.